If I asked you to name all the things you take care of, day-in and day-out... 

how far down on the list would be YOURSELF???

I help ambitious women who feel frustrated, overwhelmed, isolated and NEGLECTED 

With a clear plan + simple tools + solid support, my clients feel more 


What stops women from making themselves a priority? 

Lack of time, fear of letting others down, and feelings of guilt or selfishness around the idea of 'ME time'

What hurts ambitious women? 

Thinking we need to be perfect at taking care of everyone + everything else... not realizing that if we don't fill our own cup first, we will literally be no good to anyone. 

What keeps women trapped in the stress/ exhaustion/ resentment cycle? 

Not having clarity & direction ~ lack of support & connection with others going through the same struggles ~ inconsistent or nonexistent self-care habits. 

All of the above leads to burnout, resentment, and lack of confidence in our ability to 'do it all.' 

If what you desire is MORE ENERGY & LESS STRESS in your day-to-day, you are in the right place. 

Once consistent self-care and stress-relief habits are your reality, then you will be able to ACCOMPLISH MORE with LESS EFFORT

With more patience, energy, and harmony, you will be free to enjoy your days with your kids even more than ever. And isn't that a huge part of the reason we decided to stay home with our kids in the first place?! 

Since 2004, I have worked from home - while simultaneously 'momming' - across several industries, including: medical language specialist/medical documentation editor, author, publisher, kids' healthy cooking class instructor, PiYo instructor. 

As a wellness/ stress-management/ nutrition coach for the past 4+ years, my clients have been mostly women from all walks of life - stay-at-home moms, women who work outside their homes, homeschooling moms, and female business owners/ work-at-home moms. 

I feel the deepest connection with work-at-home/business owner moms & homeschooling moms because these are the women I relate to and understand their needs & frustrations from my own personal experience. 

Taking care of yourself first doesn't make you vain or selfish...

it makes you indestructible 

My journey as a work-at-home-mom started over 11 years ago, while I was pregnant with my first child. 

For 7 years I worked from home as a medical transcriptionist, meeting stringent production quotas and accuracy demands. During this time, I learned lots of valuable skills and lessons: 

 >How to cut through the hype to find CREDIBLE medical & health information. 

 >How 'taking care of me' could equal rich QUALITY time with my children for decades to come + avoid the most common deadly diseases (because they're also the most preventable!) 

and possibly my favorite.... 

>My potential for freaking out on my husband – like the time he came home from work, found me still unshowered & wearing spitup-stained PJs, and thought I’d had a ‘nice, relaxing day’... Ha! (Poor sweet man. He learned from this too – he never made that comment again!) 

Obviously, I struggled a LOT to balance work & taking care of babies, our home, and myself. I flustered and fumbled. And it made me feel really out-of-control and over my head. 

 I cried a lot in frustration, wondering ...

"why would I ever think I could possibly do ALL of this?!" 

I discovered that good nutrition is KEY for having enough energy and patience to maintain this lifestyle. 


I found that simplifying the process is vital to fit it in and create better work/life harmony. 


And I also learned {the hard way} that, while good nutrition IS essential, it is just one piece of the puzzle... when I hit a wall of BURNOUT. 

Fast forward to today and I now empower moms to BE their best in every sense of the word, without burnout. 

  • Empowered + supported to make YOU a priority without guilt? YES! 

  • Included in a safe & satisfying environment? YES! 

  • More energy + Less stress? YES! 

  • Feeling confident, strong, nurtured, and valued? YES! 

  • Tangible results with LESS EFFORT?! YES! 

My clients come to me for the same reasons YOU are here... Ready to Feel:

Clearly directed & guided along your journey with respect to YOUR unique needs, abilities, and desires... this is no 'cookie-cutter' 'one-size-fits-all' program! 

Validated, heard, and understood 


Empowered and supported to create more harmony in your life 


Connection with myself and others who are facing the same challenges and truly understand the struggle! 


Included as part of a calm, safe, positive, come-as-you-are, and drama-free environment 


Relief from feeling selfish or guilty for making yourself a priority 


Happy celebration of Every. Single. Victory. No matter how big or small 


Capable of SO MUCH MORE than you give yourself credit for 


Motivated and inspired, seeing how others are successfully navigating the highs & lows of transformation 


Pride in yourself for overcoming the obstacles that have been keeping you frazzled 


Clarity on how to ‘Do it ALL’ with MORE ENERGY and LESS STRESS 


Confident, strong, nurtured, honored, and respected 


Valued and grateful as you give and receive encouragement 


Comforted in letting go of ‘perfect’ 


Excited by getting tangible results from LESS TIME & EFFORT 


A deep sigh of relief as you accept a helping hand to guide you through letting go of the tension, anxiety, and overwhelm that comes with trying to carry the weight of the world all by yourself

Am I Qualified to Help You? 

Over the past 4 years, I've accomplished the following:

Created my '4% Formula' for maximizing energy, harmony, and productivity 


Wrote my Best Selling e-book 'Eat to Beat Stress,' where I share superfood benefits and recipes + stress-relieving strategies


Helped hundreds of women reach their healthy lifestyle/ stress management / weight-loss goals


Created a simple food prep/planning system that saves time and money + takes the frustration out of family nutrition


Wrote and published 'The Family Table Cookbook: Whole Grain Baking & Pancake Mix' to help families with kids of all ages make healthy meals and snacks more simple and delicious 


Developed a system for making sure all of my to-dos are completed with less effort (and ensuring I'm not the only one doing it!)


Founded 'Revitalize Lounge' - a cozy online oasis for ambitious moms to connect, unwind, and share inspiration (inside a private Facebook group)


Started homeschooling my 2 kiddos while simultaneously working on building my home-based business


I have had the pleasure of enhancing my professional skills and personal growth, working with high-performance mentors and instructors, such as Dr. Punam Ohri-Vachaspati, Associate Professor of Nutrition, ASU; Monique Alvarez, International Business Consulant; Elizabeth Caraballo, Vibrational Guide & Mentor; Dacher Keltner, Ph.D., founding director of the Greater Good Science Center and professor of psychology at UC, Berkeley; Miranda Chapman; Heatherash Amara; Colleen Arneil, PhD

Last, but certainly not least, I made MY DREAM ....

spending my days engaged happily with my kids, having time for relaxation and getting my own needs met, while also earning income through a business I love 


So, what made the difference, you ask? 

I can honestly tell you, this ONE THING has changed EVERYTHING for me:  

Embracing my '4% Formula' approach to wellness, which is the foundation for my programs,,,


"90-Day REVITALIZE Experience"


What is the '4% Formula' ??? 

It is investing just 4% of my time each day to taking care of ME ... following a simple process of proven results-focused actions daily...  

and in return, I gain maximum benefits in every area of my life


  • energy
  • patience
  • efficiency
  • clarity
  • confidence
  • harmony
  • flexibility (physical and mental!) 
  • feel-good hormones + positive attitude
  • I FEEL TAKEN CARE OF in every way

I developed both of my programs using the 4% Formula specifically for ambitious, overwhelmed moms just like us. 

Who is a Good Fit to Work with Leah? 

These are the attributes of the women who work with Leah Borski: 

  • Committed moms who desire support, connection, friendship, and accountability 

  • Women who know the value of working SMARTER, not harder, and would love to have streamlined systems for using their precious time more efficiently

  • Moms who want to 'do it all' ... and feel more playful, engaged, resilient, and empowered while doing it

  • Ambitious self-starters who are looking for an alternative to feeling stressed - and are willing to finally accept a little help and trust the process

  • Moms who have a sense of passion and purpose in their lives that goes beyond, but is also deeply connected with, motherhood

  • Women who would like to join an exclusive group of like-minded moms within a drama-free culture of compassion and non-judgment 

  • Women who are looking to create a positive ripple effect in the lives of their children and future generations

  • Women who believe that all pieces of our lives are interrelated, and agree that a holistic approach to caring for ourselves from the inside-out will solve problems in many areas of our lives

  • Women who struggle with perfectionism and are ready to let some self-judgment and negative self-talk go

  • Moms who deeply desire feeling nurtured and pampered (but don't like to ask for help achieving it)

Get the specific blueprint of what, why and HOW TO create more consistent, efficient energy + guilt-free stress relief in your daily life. 

7 days of direct, results-driven ACTION + guidance. 

Connect with like-minded, ambitious moms in a judgment- and drama-free private community. 

Receive DAILY clear guidance & support to build a solid foundation of long-lasting REVITALIZING habits that will create more ENERGY ~ HARMONY ~ RELIEF in your hectic life, for years to come.