Wintry Fun with Food – Snow-Capped Mountain Snacks

Last week I helped teach a Mommy & Me Healthy Snacks Cooking Class for military families here on the base where I live.  The kids had lots of fun and ate all their snacks (which always makes me happy!), and I got to meet and chat with some super nice moms at the same time.  My kids also had a blast.  They are pretty good about eating healthy foods (though Keegan is starting to get that ‘I don’t like veggies’ attitude and we’re working on that!), but at home we usually actually cook together.  They help me bake muffins and make pancakes, cut veggies for salad and stir sauces.  This class was focused more on assembling fun healthy snacks – sort of like a craft and a snack all at once!  It was a welcome change of pace, and it inspired me to get more creative with making food FUN in addition to making it delicious and healthy.   

I have a page on Pinterest for The Family Table Cookbook which you can check out at … I’ll be on the lookout for crafty fun snacks and pinning them to a Fun Snacks board, so head on over there to see what I find!  

Meanwhile, here’s our most popular snack from the class the other day.  These bite-size treats are pretty, easy, SO delectable – and, by the way, an excellent decadent treat for mommies who are working on making healthier food choices or trying to lose a few pounds. 

 Ingredients (yield 4 servings):
24 whole fresh strawberries, washed, greens sliced off
1 c. plain nonfat Greek yogurt
2 tsp. honey
1/2 c. shredded or finely shredded coconut 

Combine yogurt and honey, mix well.  Divide between 4 dipping cups.  Divide coconut between 4 dipping cups or sprinkle onto plate.  Place 6 strawberries each on individual plates.  Dip berries into yogurt, then into coconut. Devour!

Do your kids like crafty snacks? Share your favorites in the comments section!

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