Today’s Habits are Creating Your Legacy… What Do You Want It to Be?




Over 10 years ago, my entire life perspective changed in one eye-opening moment.
Tears streamed down my face as I processed the words, “DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Order”…

I was a new mom, working from home as a medical transcriptionist.
My baby was only a few months old. I was typing a report…
as the doctor described the scene in the hospital room, where he’d had to explain to family members why the patient was not going to survive, I cried. I was heartbroken for that family. 


And then… I pictured my own family being given such permanent & devastating news. I listened as the doctor dictated the details of this patient’s illness & history.
My mind was blown WIDE OPEN as I realized this patient’s demise (as well as many, many others) was caused by mostly PREVENTABLE DISEASE.


I stepped away from my desk, walked to my husband in the living room, and SOBBED to him that we had to make changes. Now!
💔 a life of just merely existing
💔 relying on medications to function (and then fighting the side effects!)
💔 more time spent in doctors offices than actually LIVING & ENJOYING LIFE!
💔 my family suffering as they helplessly watch the consequences of my health-depleting choices
💔 my children inheriting & imitating the same unhealthy habits that lead to disease
It was a DEFINING MOMENT in my life.
THIS IS WHY I do what I do… and share what I share… in the hopes of helping myself & others PREVENT this type of outcome in our own lives.
I recently had the honor of being invited to join 20+ experts to share our insights on living life on OUR OWN TERMS & creating our own legacies.
I spoke about the importance of self-care and wellness habits for creating a LEGACY of health & happiness for ourselves, our children, and future generations!
✨The LEGACY I WANT for my family AND YOURS!… ✨✨✨
💖 Vibrance, longevity, health
💖 Quality time with loved ones, for years and YEARS to come!
💖 Decades of wellness …and FEELING GOOD EVERY.SINGLE.DAY
💖 SIMPLE nurturing & nourishing activities we enjoy together
💖 Playfulness, connection, and joy!
💖 Money spent on 🎉FUN🎉 …not meds & doctor bills
💖 Living to meet my grandbabies years from now…. and having the ENERGY to enjoy them!

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I’d love for you to join me.


~Health & Happiness~
Leah Borski
Best Selling Author, “Eat to Beat Stress”
Nutrition, Stress-Management, Self-Care Coach for ambitious moms

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