The Little-Known Winter Habit That’s Proven to Boost Mood and Immunity

Do you know one of the absolute best immunity boosters is

  • proven to relieve stress and boost your mood
  • virtually effortless 
  • free (no shopping required – yay!
    {side note: shopping is soooo not my favorite haha!})

It’s true! 

I’m going to tell you what it is – but let me preface this by speaking directly to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere when I say please hear me out

Yes, it’s winter.
It’s probably raining, sleeting, snowing, freezing where you live.
Even if not, the warmer temps you’re accustomed to have cooled enough to make you break out the parkas. (I’m looking at you, Floridians haha! I lived in Key West for 3 years – totally get you 😉 )

Can I let you in on a little secret? 

I used to despise autumn and winter because of the frigid temps.
I have lived all over the U.S. due to my husband’s military career – and
after 4 years combined between Southern California and Florida, I had proclaimed myself the QUEEN of Weather Wimps. 

Then we moved to NYC and experienced the city’s second greatest blizzard on record, our first winter there, with 3 FEET of snow. Brrrrrr! 

Winters felt like they drug on for an eternity, as I bundled up in cozy socks and sweaters, huddled on the couch with my books and tea, waiting for the warm sunshine to return. 

Here’s an important note:.
You notice the words eternity and waiting… my mind was fixed on the negatives — the discomfort — the dependence on an entire season ending in order to move on and feel good in my life

Mindset matters.
A lot.
Especially now, as the pandemic drags on and we are not only suffering Covid fatigue, but also facing months of cold, short days with no opportunity to escape to our typical indoor winter fun places. It’s easy to feel there is no hope of breaking up the monotony of feeling ‘stuck’ inside our homes.

ONE Habit is a Simple Solution to ALL of This
(read: boost immunity, beat stress, improve mood, enjoy life NOW!):

~Get Outside Daily~

It can be only for 10 minutes – that’s enough to reap the benefits. 

You can do nothing but stand there if you like. (However, if you’re dreading it, know that the time will pass more quickly if you’re doing an activity you enjoy). 

Vitamin D through daylight exposure is such a super powerful defense against sickness, stress, gloomy mood, and depression. USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!!!

Here are 3 of my personal favorite cold-weather outdoor activities.

1. Hiking.

To make this super easy, find a nearby trail that is aligned with your abilities and the weather conditions. For example, beware of trails with steep inclines, which can be treacherous when icy or muddy and dangerous if they are too advanced for your fitness level.

The focus here is beyond just being outside – engage all your senses for a fully indulgent experience.

It’s also a great family activity to enjoy together.
(My kids are 14 and 10 – sometimes they gripe on the way out the door, but all of us always feel happy we did it on our way back in!)

2. Sitting or standing with coffee, hot tea, or cocoa. 

It helps to bundle up in your favorite cozy blanket!

Get the daylight on your face (and hands, if they can tolerate the cold – this is where it helps to have a steamy beverage).

Shifting your gaze to look upward, and focusing on the expansiveness of the sky are both keys for optimal benefit here. In fact, just the simple act of gazing at the sky is shown to elevate our outlook and mood.

3. Walking the block.
We walk our dogs a minimum of ½ mile daily, but no pets are required to enjoy the benefits of a good brisk walk out in the daylight.

Grab your hat & gloves and get out there!

A relatively small investment of time and tolerance leads to huge rewards.
Wellness. Joy. Connection. Awareness. Energy. Relief. Vibrance.

I hope you’ll get outside at least 10 minutes each day.
I would LOVE to hear about your outdoor adventures or relaxation.

Want more immunity-boosting, stress relief tips? Get my books!

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