“[Leah] was an excellent leader who took time to recognize the efforts of all the participants and made helpful suggestions for how we could fit more activity into our day and better benefit from what we were currently doing. I’ll definitely sign up with Leah for another round. She’s a fantastic motivator.” ~ Heidi

“I have lost 7 inches and 10 pounds!! I enjoyed the workouts and variety of food I was able to eat during this challenge.
My whole family is eating healthier now and that’s a huge win for me!” – Kate F. (after 1 round of 21-Day Fix)

“Thank you for being such an amazing dynamic coach that keeps us motivated, cheers us on, and believes in us! I am grateful to have you in my corner.” ~ Naomi D.

“OMG, 1st wk of ChaLEAN Extreme is just that, EXTREME! Got past it though, and day 1 of wk 2 was A LOT easier! Builds fast! Love Shakeology!!” ~ Monica E.

“I definitely think about nutrition a lot more.I just started a job in a fast food place and have no urges to eat the food and all I can think about when I see the food is calorie overload I very much wish it was a healthy food restaurant! I also don’t seem to be snacking as much when I am home.” ~ Shana E.

“I am proud that I have been getting back on my old schedule of getting up before work to workout. The challenge has helped to get me up early on days I really would rather sleep… I feel better and my energy level has improved.” ~ Amy F.

“Regarding the Shakeology, I love it, my husband and I drink it every morning before we workout. My husband likes to drink it before his golf game says it makes him have more energy. It helps me with my hot flashes, we ran out this week and have notice my hot flashes are worse at night. My skin and hair seem healthier. I know it is more expensive then other drinks but it has more natural things in it and makes me feel good about drinking it.” ~ Robin S.