pumpkin smoothie

5 Health Benefits of PUMPKIN!

5 Health Benefits of Pumpkin A favorite fall-time treat, pumpkin has been getting a bad rap lately for being associated mainly with fatty pies and sugar-packed coffee drinks.  But there are plenty of fun, healthy ways to enjoy pumpkin as well!  Some of my favorite recipes are listed below. First, though, let’s talk about WHY …

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Pumpkin Panic Smoothies

This is a perfect 5-minute after trick-or-treating dessert (fill them up with pumpkin-y goodness before they start working on the goody-bag stuff!) or festive, energy-boosting breakfast the day after.  Frozen bananas add subtle sweetness and a frothy chill.  Serve with some French toast or whole grain freezer waffles.  This recipe is the last in a …

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