Surprising Signs of Success As a Fitness Coach

If someone had told me 2 years ago that I could find a ‘job’ that provided me the perks pictured here (and this is just a handful of the SMALL yet significant benefits I enjoy!) I would have joked with them to ‘sign me up – NOW!’ wishing (though highly skeptical) that such a thing existed. If that same someone had told me that not only would I enjoy these perks, but also that helping others to get them would bring ME success, I’d have probably laughed in their face. 

You have seen me post about my weight loss/fitness journey and my clients’ visible physical successes. What you don’t normally get to see are the ‘small successes’ behind-the-scenes – which for me, as a business owner, reside in the successes of my clients and my ability to help spread knowledge about nutrition and wellness.  

Over the past couple of months, as a Beachbody coach, my small business successes have come from the SUCCESS of my clients.  I’ve had the privilege of helping one of my clients (mom to twin babies!) surprise her husband with an 11-lb weight loss upon his return from military duties, and I got to witness how thrilled and proud she was to show off her new ‘self’. 



I was given the opportunity to coach another friend/client step-by-step through a 3-Day Refresh cleanse, where she not only lost 5 lbs. but also learned a lot about the ways that what she eats affects her body, and she tells me she ‘feels good about herself again’ like she hasn’t in years. She enjoys the compliments she gets from people who notice she is doing something good for herself. From the outside, her transformation is noticeable but it’s how her healthier habits are making changes within her that’s having a major impact on her self-confidence.

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Recently, a potential client thanked me for helping her better understand food labels and nutrition so she could look beyond the protein/carbs/sugars listed to see what REALLY matters for optimal health. Just one simple tip changed her entire perspective on what it means to ‘eat healthy.’ She said, You have found the missing piece of knowledge (which now that I know it, it should have been obvious!!) artificial sweetener!! I never thought to look in ingredients!” Now that she knows the importance of reading ingredients lists over just the nutrition info, she will make smarter food choices.

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The ladies of my current private online support group are encouraged to carve out time for themselves, not only for fitness and proper nutrition but also for REST, relaxation, and self-pampering.
They are busy moms, teachers, office administrators, and business owners who deserve to reward themselves for their efforts! We are learning through practice that taking this time-out from our busy schedules not only promotes our mental/emotional wellness, but makes us more efficient at accomplishing all that is required of us as well!

I’ve watched in admiration and pride as they share new ideas for recharging and creating balance in their lives – with anything from indulging in a nap or bubble bath, to rearranging furniture and getting organized, to sitting outside with a cup of coffee in the stillness of the early morning, to making time for their hobbies like crafts or writing.  


Every time I’m able to help a client lose weight, gain confidence, empower themselves with knowledge, make themselves a priority, or get even a baby step closer to overall wellness – that is a step toward success in my business.
Some measure their success solely in monetary gains, recognition, or material belongings. For me, success is being able to earn enough to significantly contribute to my family’s finances while enjoying the rewards of my healthy lifestyle and the joy that comes from helping others do the same – the accumulation of all these ‘small’ successes that really are HUGE for those who accomplish them.


If you have been inspired or helped by something I’ve written or a tip I’ve shared, whether you are my current client or not, please do let me know via e-mail or comment below! The pride & happiness I get from being part of these ‘small’ successes is honestly what keeps me going!

And if you have ever wished (through skepticism) that you could work from home on your own schedule, get paid to live healthfully, feel the joy of helping others, and be a contributing member of a positive and supportive team environment while being your own boss, I’d like to talk with you about applying to join my team.

Please e-mail me at, subject line ‘WISH to join your team!’ and I will contact you with application information.


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