Are you an overwhelmed ambitious woman who often feels bogged down under the pressure of ‘wearing multiple hats’ 24/7?

Have you ever felt guilty for thinking of taking time for yourself, when your task list is a mile long (and growing)? 

Do you forget to eat during the day or repeatedly put it off to ‘finish this one thing first’ ….then pause just long enough to get your kids fed, but still neglect YOU? 

Do you ever dread dinnertime because of the time & effort involved in planning and preparing a nutritious meal everyone in your family will actually eat, without complaints!? 

Do you struggle with feeling worn out, scatter-brained, and stressed?

Have you ever secretly wished there was a ‘patience fairy’ who could swoop in and sprinkle you with magic dust to make you more ‘calm, balanced, and in-control’?     

If you said ‘yes’ to most (or all!) of these questions… you are NOT ALONE! 

In case we are just meeting for the first  time, let me introduce myself!

My  name is Leah, and I have over 12  years’ experience as a location-independent working  mom. I can tell you that not only have I  suffered all of these challenges myself –  I now have a network of fellow ambitious women friends who also share these struggles.  

We really have the best of both worlds,  right?! – the ability to have our kiddos  home with us to enjoy, instead of turning them over to someone else to raise them! Plus, the benefit of having a business or career that fulfills our need to be self-sufficient, contribute to the family finances, and have something that feeds our desire to be more than ‘just’ a stay-at-home-mom. But doing it ALL is HARD! Sometimes we wonder what we were thinking to take on SO MUCH?! 

Through countless hours of research, education, and good old trial-and-error, I have revised & refined my time-management skills and self-care routine to go from feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, self-neglected, and ‘not enough’……


You CAN achieve this
too, and I want to help!  


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6|  You have nothing to lose – except maybe some not-so-good habits, that exhausted & frustrating mommy ‘oatmeal brain’ feeling, and even a few extra pounds