Simple ‘Clean’ Superbowl Treats

Yay! Today is the big day! The Seahawks are going to crush…. someone….. (who are they playing again?). Ok, I admit it, I’m not a big football fan. At all. In fact, the Superbowl is literally the ONE game I will watch each year, and even then, it’s more for the funny commercials than the game. Having grown up in the Seattle area, however, hearing that the Seahawks are finally going to the Superbowl caught my attention. I’m not sure how long it’s been or how many times, but I know not very many… and I always root for the underdog!

Anyway, before we had kids, my husband and I would just go hang out at the local bar and watch the commercials… I mean game. Shoot some pool. Have some drinks. We’d have a good time! In recent years, since we do now have our entire little family to spend the day with, we no longer spend Superbowl Sunday (or any Sunday for that matter) out drinking beer and watching ball games. And with my husband being away with the Coast Guard most Superbowl Sundays that I can remember since having our kiddos, it’s usually just us. Me and two kids who aren’t super interested in sitting in front of the TV for 3 hours straight. But, we do like to mix things up every once in awhile, and what better way than to turn on the game, make some fun snacks, and have a little family party in our living room?! So that’s what we do.

Because I’m on my own, and there are just three of us, I like to keep the snacks really simple. Like, takes 1/2 hour max to get our little party ready. But quick and simple is great if you have a big crowd to feed too! Here are three of our very favorite party treats, cleaned up, lightened up, and beyond delicious!

Creamy Hummus

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Lightened up with nonfat yogurt, the flavor is brightened with fresh lemon juice. This dip is perfect for veggies, whole grain crackers, or whole wheat pita wedges!


Easiest Fresh Guacamole
Serve with whole grain crackers, mini bell pepper halves (use as scoops!) or corn chips (check the label for partially-hydrogenated oils…don’t want those!)


Quick Pita Pizzas

Easy and so fun and delicious – these are definitely a crowd pleaser! Use a pizza cutter or knife to cut into wedges!#easysnacks #easytreats #pitapizza #healthypizza #lowcarbpizza #lowcalpizza


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Do you celebrate Superbowl with your family? What’s your favorite game-day snack or treat? Please share in the ‘comments’ section below! 


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