Shred Into Summer Challenge!

Brazil Butt Lift &
10-Minute Trainer RESULTS!
I lost 12 lbs. and 9-1/2 inches during my 30-day Brazil Butt Lift challenge, then went on to lose 8 more lbs during my first 30 days of 10-Minute Trainer!  After years of neglecting my body and then an on-and-off approach to exercise, I found myself in horrible shape and overweight.  I resolved to do something about it and started Brazil Butt Lift.  The fun workouts, easy-to-follow eating plan, and QUICK results gave me the jumpstart I needed to get my body back!  After that, I moved on to 10-Minute Trainer.  The super short, multipurpose workouts made it even easier to reach my goals.  By the end of my 60-day program, I had reached my goal weight and gone down 3 pants sizes!  I’m currently in the best shape of my life and feel great, both physically and mentally!  Accomplishing what I set out to do has been tremendously rewarding!

Was it hard to accept the fact that I really didn’t like my body in the state it was in? YES
Was it even harder to accept the fact that I HAD to do something about it?:  YES
Was the 60 days of workouts and being selective about my food intake worth it?:  HECK YES!

I’ve got a challenge for you.  It STARTS WITH CHANGE.

Here’s the deal:
I saw this poster once that said “I’d rather be covered in sweat at the gym than be covered in clothes at the beach!”  Well, I don’t know about you, but I do NOT want to worry about wearing shorts, skirts, or tank tops this summer!  My family relocated to Southern Florida last July – the hottest time of year, pretty much 90s or hotter around the clock – and I was so unhappy with my body that I refused to wear shorts.  I sweated practically TO DEATH the first month we were here, so totally overdressed for the weather because I didn’t want to expose my legs, stomach, or arms.  That was the final straw for me, and I decided to DO something about it.  Three months later, the weather was cooler but I felt comfortable in my own skin, more confident because I’d done something I’d set out to do, and had more energy and a sense of wellness that comes with taking care of MYSELF! For me, it’s become so much more than just what I look like in shorts… but that was a huge motivator to get me going! Summer is practically here again, and those days of feeling insecure and and unhappy with myself are LONG GONE!  They can be for you too 🙂

I’m looking for just a few more ladies to get ripped, toned, and ready for change!

LAST day to register for the SHRED INTO SUMMER challenge is TOMORROW, 4/12!!! Ready to get bikini ready for summer?! This challenge is 60 days long – you choose your program: Insanity (60-day boot camp style workout) that’s $25 off this month only; Brazil Butt Lift (60-day all-over body workout with an emphasis on the butt, thighs, and hips); Les Mills Combat (60-day martial arts style workout); or 10-Minute Trainer (quick total body workout that targets multiple areas simultaneously for super efficiency – perfect if you’re worried about having enough time to get in a workout OR a supplemental toning workout for runners/walkers).

1.  Click here and fill out the application.  I will help you choose the best program depending on your goals and fitness level!  IT’s THAT EASY! Nutrition (Shakeology) + Fitness (workout program) + Support (me & the challenge group/participants) = SUCCESS!

2.  Go HERE and sign up with your Challenge Pack – Click ‘Buy a Challenge Pack’, then choose either Brazil Butt Lift, Insanity, Les Mills Combat, or 10-Minute Trainer.  Also choose your flavor of Shakeology (our yummy meal replacement/supplement with ALL your nutritional needs, no caffeine, gluten free, and packed with natural antioxidants and super foods)

3.  Request to be a part of the group HERE, where I will approve you!

If you already have a program but need Shakeology, click here!  You must be on HD (home direct) so that you can get the free shipping (woo hoo!) and have enough to last you through the 60 days.  If you need to cancel afterward I can help you with that easily – takes about 2 minutes!

Is Shakeology required?:  YES.  It’s a way to ensure we are all on the SAME supplement and the EASIEST and FASTEST way to reach your goals.  I’m here to COACH you and help you through it, and Shakeology is the KEY ingredient.  Are you GOALS worth it? Are you?!

**NOTE: INSANITY is $25 off this month only! when you buy the Insanity Challenge Pack! 

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