Shakeology Smoothie Recipes – Vanilla – Delicious Superfood Shakes


My favorite Vanilla Shakeology recipes!

Adding just a few simple ingredients turns a scoop of superfood nutrition into a variety of delicious shakes! These can be enjoyed several ways: 

~Quick, protein-packed breakfast

~Energy-boosting afternoon snack

~Cravings-busting, satisfying dessert 

*****Shakeology’s dense nutrient content means just ONE shake per day is sufficient as a supplement or meal replacement. It is not recommended to replace more than 1 meal per day with supplemental shakes.*****


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 Some of the benefits of using Shakeology daily:

~ An EASY way to get a super-nutritious balanced meal or snack

~ Helps curb cravings for sweets and fatty foods

~ Helps to relieve that bloated, backed-up feeling by improving digestion

~ High in QUALITY protein that helps with muscle health & recovery

~ Has helped me almost completely avoid migraines for about 3 years now (learn more about my experience here)

~ Has helped my clients with symptoms of PCOS, Hashimoto thyroiditis (as well as hyper- and hypothyroidism), PMS, and depression*.

~ Boosts energy with the power of super nutrients (NOT stimulants). 

~ Clinically proven to reduce cholesterol 

*If you are suffering from depression, especially if you are engaging in self-abusive behaviors or having thoughts of hurting yourself or others, please seek help from a physician or professional who is capable of assessing and treating your unique situation, or get help immediately here.

My personal belief is that Shakeology helps with depression by improving energy levels, which increases the motivation to be more active.  Physical activity and time spent outdoors are two proven methods of supporting mental health and alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression. (See studies here and here.)  


One of the #1 reasons most people give for not eating healthy is they don’t have ENOUGH TIME!  Is this you?!  
It used to be me, too. I’ve been juggling working-from-home with being a full-time mom for almost 10 years now! Recently, I added homeschooling my two children into the equation. LIFE IS BUSY!

I’m sure, no matter your circumstances, you can relate!
What do you have ‘on your plate’ that is holding you back from putting healthy food on your plate?! 

Using Shakeology daily helps me handle my busy life. Keeping it all balanced is a consistent struggle, which I am working on daily. But having this quick & delicious power smoothie each day gives me the nutritional energy boost I need to be my most efficient.  


It’s also really easy to add in extra superfoods for a power-breakfast that’s packed with even more nutrition +
mood-boosting & stress-reducing benefits – like this 

Spicy-Sweet Turmeric, Sweet Potato & Vanilla Smoothie >>> Get the RECIPE HERE

Is there a smoothie flavor you’d like to see added?
Please let me know in the Comments section below! I’ll be choosing new recipes to try and sharing my results!

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