Shakeology Smoothie Recipes – Strawberry – Delicious Superfood Shakes

My favorite 
Strawberry Shakeology Smoothie RECIPES!

Adding just a few simple ingredients turns a scoop of superfood nutrition into a variety of delicious shakes! Shakeology is an all-natural, real-food super-nutrition powder. Learn more about Shakeology here!




One of the #1 reasons most people give for not eating healthy is they don’t have ENOUGH TIME!  Is this you?!  
It used to be me, too. I’ve been juggling working-from-home with being a full-time mom for over 14 years now! Recently, I added homeschooling my two children into the equation. LIFE IS BUSY!

I’m sure, no matter your circumstances, you can relate!
What do you have ‘on your plate’ that is holding you back from putting healthy food on your plate?! 

Using Shakeology daily helps me handle my busy life. Keeping it all balanced is a consistent struggle, which I am working on daily. But having this quick & delicious power smoothie each day gives me the nutritional energy boost I need to be my most efficient.  















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