Base Recipes/ Batch Cooking


There are so many benefits to cooking foods in batches and then freezing or storing for later use, why stop with purees?  

I’m not talking about making huge amounts of single recipes, portioning into separate servings, and freezing. 
That can be overwhelming and really limit your meal choices. 

Here, we’re focusing on preparing batches of multi-use ingredients, so you can enjoy all of the benefits of pre-planning (convenience and money savings) without having to completely suppress your inner procrastinator (do the prep now, but you can still decide what’s for dinner at the last minute). 

Keep these on hand for use in quick recipes on busy weeknights
or any time you need an easy healthy meal. 

Make these in preparation for an upcoming birth.  
There is no better time than the first few weeks home with a newborn to have access to easy, nutritious meals.  Do this to reduce the time and effort required to get dinner together yourself or so those helping you have an easier time knowing what to cook for you. 

Another great idea is to make batches for friends or family members for their first few weeks home with a new baby.  Include a copy of the cookbook and perhaps a basket of staple items that can be used in the recipes.  Not having to shop and plan can relieve a lot of stress for a new mom.  This way, she still has a choice about what to make and also has the benefit of help with multiple meals instead of just a single pre-made casserole.

Have these ready in your freezer for easy meals upon return from travel or other busy times when you have lots to do and little time for cooking.

As a military wife, I have found that getting these batches ready before my husband will be gone for weeks or months at a time makes it much easier to feed myself and my kids healthy meals while I am extra busy filling the roles of both mom and dad.  I expect this would be similar for single moms or wives of men who travel for other types of work, as well.

The following pages outline the Base Recipes. 

You can also save tons of time and money using my complete SIMPLE SYSTEM for this inside my Masterclass, “Batch Prep Bliss: Save Time. Eat Well. Feel Good!” 

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