Recipes for ALL Ages

Scroll down the page to find links for some of my family’s favorite SIMPLE recipes. I recommend these to my clients frequently, as well! 
I want to help you cut through the overwhelm that can happen when you’re first starting to eat better. 

I started developing my own recipes about 11ish years ago in order to shift my family’s eating habits from lots of processed, artificially-flavored, nutritionally-void foods to healthier meals and snacks that included MORE…
:: whole grains
:: fruits & veggies
:: lean protein
:: healthy fats

… and less sugars, sodium, chemicals, and harmful fats.

It’s been a process of baby steps – it was hard to make some of those changes in the beginning. It’s been a gradual transition that’s still evolving, and it gets easier every day!

If you try the recipes in this section, please DO comment and let me know how it went! I absolutely love to hear about it, especially when it involves kiddos learning to love new healthy foods they’ve been opposed to or hesitant to try in the past. And I appreciate any feedback / constructive criticism, too!  

I also invite you to check out my 2 books available on Amazon with more delicious, healthy, family-friendly recipes you and your little ones will love!  

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