21-Day ‘JUST DO IT’ Challenge

I used to be the person who would get a wild hair every few months and think, “I really need to start exercising (even though I hate it). It’s time I did something to lose some weight.”  I’d be out shopping and see some $20 workout video, buy it, start it, be really sure I was DEFINITELY going to do it THIS TIME.  I’d get a couple of weeks into it and get bored or frustrated, and quit.

I ended up with a drawer FULL of these workout DVDs.  But I never worked out.  They just sat there, collecting dust, until finally – after carting them all over the country through multiple military relocations – my husband said ENOUGH and convinced me to throw them out.

Do you have ‘the drawer’ too? Or maybe there’s just one lonely workout program hidden away in a closet, THE ONE you said you’d finish… and you just never got around to starting, or felt overwhelmed by the seemingly never-ending process of actually doing the program from beginning to end.  Or, like me, you are FIRED UP for about the first 2 weeks, then miss 1 day – and then completely fall off and never look at it again.

Here’s where I can HELP YOU!  I bet you didn’t know that MOST PEOPLE struggle to get past the 2nd week of a new workout.  I bet you also didn’t know that a LOT of people who start really challenging workouts like Insanity or P90X have to try SEVERAL TIMES before being able to complete them start-to-finish!  You’re not alone in your challenges – and now you don’t have to be alone in conquering them! The KEY to success with any program is support.  You need someone in your corner, cheering you on, guiding you toward your goals, and pushing you when you feel like giving up.

21-Day Just Do It Challenge graphicI’m starting a 21-Day ‘JUST DO IT’ Challenge on December 1st.
We’ll be
Just THREE WEEKS of exercise, nutrition, and SUPPORT to get you past the hump and looking & feeling AWESOME by Christmas Day. 



What You Get:

Personalized Coaching – We’ll Identify Your Goals and Make a Plan to Achieve Them

Inclusion in Private Facebook Support Group

Daily Dose of SUPER Nutrition via all-natural Shakeology shake (1x daily, flavor of        your choice)

Nutrition Education
~Label-reading 101
~Tips to make ANY recipe healthier – perfect for the holidays!
~Meal planning and prep tips
~Simple recipes your whole family will love – makes healthy eating easier than ever!

$10 will be donated to ‘Feeding America’ when you order Shakeology with Free Shipping (HD) 
$20 will be donated to ‘Feeding America’ when you buy a Challenge Pack (Shakeology + Beachbody workout program of your choice*) AND you will receive a $20 gift card for future Beachbody purchases! 

*You can do ANY workout – so dig out that dusty old thing you bought last year!
OR if you need a program, I can help you decide on the best option for you based on your goals and likes/dislikes.

Fill out this quick & easy application to find out if this group will be the right fit for YOU! 

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