Here are some of my favorite sources of the latest information and research regarding nutrition, food safety, cooking techniques, and baby feeding guidelines.

Lots of basic info about healthy eating plus grocery shopping tips and menu planning
Outlines health benefits of individual fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, nuts and seeds plus has a detailed breakdown of healthy vs. unhealthy fats.
Lots of tips for budget-friendly meal planning and getting kids involved in healthy eating.
Glossary of general nutrition information broken down by broader subjects, including Pregnancy and Child Nutrition, Food Allergy info, Vitamins and Minerals, and more.
Mark Hyman, M.D. is a Functional Medicine practitioner and educator (an approach that focuses on determining and treating the cause of illness rather than merely treating the symptoms to mask the illness).  He has done extensive research and authored books about the effects of food on brain function and other physical processess (including The UltraMind Solution) and describes methods for using healthful foods to prevent illness, improve memory and mood, and reverse the damaging effects of known health hazards in our food and environment.  His advice about the dangers of high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, and high consumption of sugars and fats in the diet motivated me to develop recipes with those guidelines in mind.

Food Safety

Cooking Techniques
Videos and step-by-step instruction for preparing just about anything you can think of plus links to equipment reviews and taste tests.  This is from the producer of America’s Test Kitchen which is broadcast on PBS.
A cooking encyclopedia that lists ingredients with pictures, descriptions, suggested substitutions and also cooking tools.

Baby Feeding
Food allergy information, foods to avoid before age 3, symptoms of allergy, etc.
Info about when/how to start baby on solid foods, plus breast-feeding nutrition tips for moms and lots of other baby health info
General feeding guidelines with recommendations for amounts of food for each age/stage.