Age of Introduction|  9 months 

Ingredients|  2 small or 1 medium zucchini, no water

Yield| 1 c. shredded (coarse puree)

Prep Time|  3-4 minutes

Cook Time|  No cooking required

Storage|   Freeze up to 8 months
Get instructions here for freezing in small cubes for use as add-ins for baby or toddler foods.  For use in family meals or baking, measure 1-cup portions into individual sandwich bags, then place sealed sandwich bags together in one large zipper freezer bag labeled with date and contents.

Choose|  Zucchini should be firm to a gentle squeeze, feel heavy for size, with no soft spots or breaks in skin.  Skin should be bright green and soft enough to puncture with a fingernail.

Prep|  Gently wash zucchini and cut off ends.  Shred using a cheese/vegetable grater, including skin.


9 months Serve plain, cooked or raw, as finger foodMix into cooked brown rice

Serve with whole wheat pasta, cut into small pieces

Serve with diced cooked carrots

Serve with peeled shredded apple

Stir into scrambled egg yolks

10 months Serve mixed with finely grated raw carrotsServe with cooked ground turkey breast, diced chicken, or lean ground beef

Any suggestions from 9 months

12 months  Add to spaghetti sauceStir into scrambled eggs (whites & yolks)

Any suggestions from 9-10 months

18 months & older Stir into soups: alphabet, minestrone, tomato, vegetable beef, turkey noodle

Related Recipes|  Apple Carrot Zucchini Bread – Cheesy Meat and Veggie Quiche Breakfast – Italian Stuffed Pepper Bake w/ Zucchini – Super Vegetable Soup – Citrus Spiced Zucchini Bread

Main Nutrients|  Vitamin C – Vitamin B6 – Manganese


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