Age of Introduction|  6 months

Ingredients|  1-1/2 lbs. pears (approx. 4 small-medium sized pears – Bartlett or Bosc recommended); Do not add water

Yield|  2 c. puree (16 cubes)

Prep Time|  3-4 minutes per pear

Cook Time|  No cooking required

Storage|   Freeze up to 12 months (Refrigerator storage not recommended)

Choose|  Choose pears that are firm but not hard, green to golden in color (Bartlett or Bosc), with no bruises, dark spots, or breaks in skin.  Very green pears will ripen on countertop in about 4-5 days (faster if placed in brown paper bag).

Prep|  Pears are best pureed when just ripe but still a bit firm – should just slightly yield to gentle pressure with fingertips. Wash, peel, and cut, removing core and seeds.  Place pieces in food processor and puree until smooth.

Serve|  The sequence of baby ages is listed to show the appropriate stages of introduction for foods that pair well with pear puree.  All of the suggestions for 8 months and older are also appropriate for older children and adults.

6 months Plain or mix with rice cereal or oat cereal

Mix with applesauce or mango, banana, butternut squash, or pumpkin puree

7 months Mix with rice, oat, or multigrain cereal

Combine with carrot, peach, or nectarine puree

Any suggestion from 6 months

8 months Mix into cooked brown rice

Combine with plain whole milk yogurt

Add wheat germ

Any suggestion from 6-7 months

9-24 months Serve peeled, finely diced

Serve as a dip for pancakes or French toast (cut into small pieces for babies 9-15 months to avoid choking)

Any suggestion from 6-7 months

2 years & older Mix into plain nonfat or lowfat yogurt, sprinkle w/ cinnamon

Use as a topping or mix-in for oatmeal

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