Age of Introduction|
6 months 

Yield|  1 small mango
(8-10 oz.) –
do not add water = 3/4 c. puree OR 3/4 c. diced mango (appx.)

Fresh mangoes  Countertop out of direct sunlight to ripen; ripe mangoes in refrigerator 2-3 days.

Puree & Diced Mango  Refrigerator 2-3 days/ Freezer up to 6 months 

Prep Time|  3-5 minutes

Choose|  Mangoes should be brightly colored, deep red/orange-yellow.  If they are partially green, that is OK but will take a few days to ripen.  Ripe mangoes should just slightly yield to a gentle press of the fingers.  Do not buy mangoes with soft spots, defects in peel (pits or holes, etc.), or brown spots.

Prep|  Mist mango with veggie wash.  Scrub with hands under running water.  Using a sharp knife, cut off peel (as you would an apple) and discard.  Slice off chunks of mango, avoiding the pit.  Cut large pieces in half to fit into food processor if necessary.  Process until smooth.  For young babies (6-7 months) you may need to add a little water for desired consistency and press through mesh strainer prior to serving to make sure there are no strings or small lumps.

Serve|  The sequence of baby ages is listed to show the appropriate stages of introduction for foods that pair well with mango puree.  All of the suggestions for 8 months and older are also appropriate for older children and adults.

6 months Rice/oat cereal
Banana puree
Pumpkin puree
7 months Peach puree/mashed peaches
8 months Wheat germ
Plain whole milk yogurt
9 months Mashed raspberries or blackberries
Crushed pineapple (in 100% juice, no syrup)
12-24 months Blueberries or diced/mashed strawberries
Serve alone or mixed with plain whole milk yogurt as a dip for whole wheat French toast or pancakes
2 years Serve alone or mixed with plain nonfat or low-fat yogurt as a dip for whole wheat French toast or pancakes

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Mango Raspberry Muffins  (Photo by Darriffany Photography)

Main Nutrients|  Vitamin A – Vitamin C – Potassium – Vitamin B6 – Carotenoids/Flavonoids (antioxidants) – Vitamin E

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