Batch Freezing Instructions – Power Puree

Ice Cube Tray Method

  • Spoon prepared puree into ice cube tray cups, filling to fill line*.
  • Cover ice cube tray with wax paper, then wrap with aluminum foil.
  • Freeze 4+ hours.
  • Remove tray from freezer and set on counter 2-3 minutes to VERY partially thaw (to allow easy removal of cubes).
  • Remove cubes from tray and place into a freezer bag labeled with puree type and date.  (One tray of 16 cubes will fit in a quart-sized bag; use a gallon-sized bag for 2 or more trays at a time of the same puree.)


*In order to have accurate measures when using puree cubes in recipes, it is important to pre-measure your specific ice cube tray cups, as they may vary.  I use the easy-release, stackable Rubbermaid ice cube trays shown here, and each cube = 2 tbsp. when filled to the top. 

Therefore, it takes 2 full cubes to equal 1/4 c. of puree.  This is the measurement I use when referencing the number of food cubes to use in each recipe.  To make sure each of your puree cubes equals 2 tbsp., simply measure 2 tbsp. of water into one cube cup, then make a fill line (use a permanent marker or painter’s/masking tape on the outside of the tray).

If you are only using purees for baby food or for nutritional boosts, the measurement isn’t that important.

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