Nutrition Boost – Power Purees for Everyone

NUTRITION BOOST – Power Purees for Everyone

My approach to healthy family eating is different from other strategies that utilize purees to ‘hide’ healthy foods in kids’ meals. It also has staying power to outlast recipes that have no appeal or function after a child’s 2nd or 3rd birthday.  Adults and children of all ages will love how delicious the foods are! You will love how easy it is to prepare nourishing meals & snacks for your entire family with just a few simple steps, no sneakiness required. 


The goal here is to provide exposure to a variety of nutritious foods, which will build a foundation for healthy eating through childhood and beyond.  This site includes instructions for preparing simple purees:
Butternut Squash
Sweet Potatoes

Each puree can be used the following ways:

Younger Babies* – First Foods|  Serve single ingredient purees, with a thinner consistency (achieved by mixing with water, formula, or breast milk).

Older Babies* – Complex Textures and Flavor Combinations|  Serve coarse purees individually or in various combinations for customized meals in seconds.

Toddlers, Older Children & Adults|  Stir purees into plain yogurt, soups, or casseroles as a nutritional boost.

Also, most of these purees are included in the wholesome, whole grain recipes in my cookbook, which you can learn more about HERE.

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These purees make cooking less stressful and save time! They also support your ability to encourage and maintain your child’s love of nutritious foods.  We are so careful to provide the healthiest baby foods during the first feeding stages. And then feel lost when it comes time to transition to finger foods during the toddler stage.  

The recipes here help maintain good eating habits for your baby by providing a smooth transition from puree to whole foods.

These multifunctional purees SAVE TIME & MONEY and reduce food waste.  Stock up on items when they are on sale. Then you can freeze a big batch of puree without worry that it will go bad before baby can possibly eat it all.


Example: Avocados. You want to include these because they are one of the best foods for baby – easy on the tummy and loaded with healthy fats for brain development.  They are also super easy to prepare and very versatile.  So next time you see them on sale, grab a few, mash them up, and freeze using this easy methodAvocado puree defrosts quickly and can be >served alone as baby puree

>mixed into cooked rice and/or beans for older babies/toddlers

>served to toddlers, older children, and adults as a sandwich spread (in place of mayo), as a topper for taco soup or enchiladas, or mixed into this guacamole!

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*The listed ages of introduction are suggestions only – all babies reach developmental milestones at varying rates.  More information can be found here.  Please always consult your pediatrician prior to introducing new foods and always follow the 3-day wait guidline for ruling out food allergies before serving your baby another new food.

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