Family Nutrition Hacks

During the time I was working on my whole grain baking cookbook, it came up in conversation with a variety of people. 

Everyone had one main question… “What type of cookbook is it?”  At first, my answer was always “a healthy family cookbook.”  I came to find out that those words have very different meanings depending on who you talk to.  I started to wonder what people’s first thought really is when hearing the word “healthy”, and I realized my answer needed to change. 

Nutrition is not about all-or-nothing. To me, living a healthy lifestyle means having habits that make your body feel energized and vibrant. I don’t restrict entire food groups from my family’s meals.  It’s not about fad diets or unrealistic overhauls of my pantry. 

It’s about getting back to basics, including balanced meals and snacks that are quick and easy to prepare.  I don’t have time to reinvent my family’s menu or fuss over complicated recipes. I need our diet to be SIMPLE and SATISFYING so we have more time for doing the things we love!  

Eating healthy foods means including

  • whole grain cereals, pastas, and breads
  • mostly low-fat dairy products and lean meats  
  • lowering sodium intake
  • reducing sugar and using ONLY natural sweeteners
  • minimizing/eliminating chemical additives & preservatives
  • LOTS of fruits and veggies


I believe that any amount of change for the better, even the smallest adjustment, can provide huge rewards. 

If this sounds like an approach you’d like to try and could use some help to simplify the transition,

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