Nobody Starts Out an Expert

We all have to start somewhere.

So yesterday, I had a brand audit by my amazing new boss-mom friend & brand strategy consultant, Kate Franco…. She mentioned she loves my food photos and asked if I ever took classes on food styling or photography.


My answer … no. I self-taught.

I checked out every book I could find from the library about food photography.

I had a couple of friends who were experienced in photography take photos for me, and paid attention to how they positioned dishes, camera, lighting.

I have another friend who gave me a copy of the generic guide that came with her professional grade camera, and I studied it intently.


And then I practiced. For 5 years.
… Refining
… Noticing what works for me and what doesn’t
… Failing
… Learning
… Improving

I don’t have a degree or certification, just

– a passion for learning the subject and mastering it.

– skills for utilizing resources, knowing how to research, and applying observation of others who have the expertise I desire.

– being open to follow others’ leads.

– being coachable. (And asking /paying for help when necessary!)

– letting go of perfection enough to not let it stop me from trying something challenging… and just consistently striving to improve.


This is how I live my life, and I apply this to every aspect.

* Homeschooling my kids.

* Managing & growing my business.

* Implementing nutrition and self-care that feels good for me AND my family.

* Leading by example for other boss moms who are ambitious and intelligent enough to know where they can succeed through observation & research…

and where they need mentoring & support to achieve their desired result!


I share {after} food photos like this along with recipes and stress-management tips to help boss moms feel more energy, harmony, and relief inside my private FB community. Please join us! I’d love to connect with you. 


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