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‘The Family Table Cookbook:
Whole Grain Pancake & Baking Mix: 30+ Recipes/ONE Easy Mix’
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If the phrase ‘whole grain baking’ translates for you as ‘dense, dull, and time-consuming,’ it’s time to try this fresh approach with one versatile mix that’s used to make all of the fluffy pancakes, moist and flavorful muffins, aromatic quick breads, and delectable sweet treats in this book.  Try out the Baking Mix with my Original Light ‘n Fluffy Whole Grain Pancakes recipe, Mango Raspberry Muffin Recipe, or Golden Sunrise Apricot Muffin Recipe (click for links to FREE recipes!).  If you like these, you’ll LOVE the convenience of using that same baking mix to make all 30+ recipes included in this cookbook!  It also includes a bonus section of over a dozen healthy pancake & waffle topping recipes as alternatives to syrup!

Loaded with the powerful benefits of hearty whole grains, every recipe reduces harmful fats and eliminates processed sugar by incorporating smaller amounts of natural sweeteners which are lower on the glycemic index.  Weary parents longing for a fuss-free way to get their families to eat healthier, especially those with babies new to solid foods or children who are at varied developmental stages, will find relief with the section of multipurpose Power Purees.  Providing natural sweetness and a nutritional boost for many of the recipes in this book, these purees can also be served as individual or combo baby foods and as healthy additions to snacks for kids and adults of all ages.  Simple, concise instructions take the guesswork out of providing healthy family meals and snacks.


Here’s what a few of the testers and tasters had to say:

Mango-Raspberry Muffins –
“These will be a staple.  The kids love making them and eating them.  Five stars for sure.  You are the Muffin Queen.” – Zaida W.

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies –
“Loved them! My kids love any “sweet” and I loved them because they are much more healthy than ordinary cookies.” – Rebecca S.

GoldenSunriseMuffins –
“I like your whole grain baking mix.  I made your Apricot Sunshine muffins for coffee hour after church today and everyone raved about them – something that is so loaded with nutrition and light on calories is hard to believe that it can taste so good too.” – Martha S.

Chocolate Cake Mini Donuts –
“Love this donuts recipe, didn’t know if they would rise enough but they did beautifully. I made cupcakes instead because didn’t have a donuts pan.” – Robin S.


Click this image to get this simple and direct guide for using food to defeat five major symptoms of stress.  It’s FREE to borrow on your Kindle!  

What People Are Saying About
“Eat to Beat Stress” ~
“Leah, I downloaded and read this (finally!) last week–what an amazing job you did with this one aspect of health–well researched and written with passion and eloquence. Can’t wait for the whole book!” ~
Stephani Sutherland, PhD, Neuroscience/Health Writer & Yoga Instructor

“My picky 2 1/2 year old is loving the granola and the smoothies are proving to be a great way to get him some fruit and veggies. He loves to help make his own “moothy” every morning. :)” – Sarah M.

“I found this book to be very helpful! Leah does an excellent job of providing new and fresh ideas to incorporate foods that beat stress into our everyday diet. I am terrible at breakfast, but found the morning recipes to be easy, fast and tasty. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to jump-start their eating habits.” – Jen W.

“Eat to Beat Stress has so many great recipes and tips. I had an Aha! moment on almost every page. Excellent ideas to incorporate healthier foods into our diets without requiring additional time and money that I don’t have! Thanks Leah!” – Heidi D., www.CopyandContentPro.com


Research shows that when people feel stressed, they reach for food.  The trouble lies in the types of food sought out during these times.  Studies have found a tendency toward fatty, high-sugar foods, which throw off the body’s ability to function effectively and essentially drive people into a vicious cycle of compounded stress and poor eating habits.

Eat to Beat Stress demonstrates simply the mechanics of such a pattern and provides a fast-track to breaking it with 10 nutrient rich foods – including protein foods, grains, and fruits & veggies – that specifically target 5 major symptoms of stress.

In this booklet, you will find an easy-to-use list of superfoods with a brief description of each food’s stress-fighting benefits, photos, serving ideas, shopping tips, cooking instructions, make-ahead tips, recipes from The Family Table Cookbook website, and a sneak preview section of family-friendly recipes from the upcoming publication The Family Table Cookbook: Cook Smart, Stress Less, Eat Better…Together.  Each delicious recipe is quick to prepare and includes specific serving tips and instructions for babies and kids (8 months of age and older) so that everyone in the family can easily benefit from the powerful nutrition and stress-busting qualities of these foods.