5-Minute Energy Boosts Cheat Sheet

7 Guilt-Free Ways to Recharge and Relax in 5 Minutes or Less



  • FEEL GOOD in 5 MINUTES or less
  • simple self-care actions that don’t feel like ‘another thing that NEEDS to get done’
  • just check the sheet, pick a treat, and GO! ~no planning or agonizing over what to do when you DO find yourself with a free few minutes
  • pretty print-out you can post anywhere for a quick reminder to TAKE CARE OF YOU
  • quick & easy to fit in anytime – during kiddos’ nap, before the family wakes in the a.m., when dinner is in the oven (or while waiting for take-out!), after kids are in bed (or during their drawn-out process to brush teeth and put on PJs!)…whenever! 

Stress-relieving snacks to help us stop snapping at hubby & kiddos (over any. little. thing!) and FEEL MORE ENERGETIC to complete all of our regular daily must-dos




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