LIVE Interview and Book Blog Tour!

It has been an amazing week so far, networking with other authors, bloggers, and female entrepreneurs and having the opportunity to connect with their audiences as well!

If you have missed the stops along my Book Blog Tour so far, I’d love for you to check them out and join the conversation! I have listed the links at the bottom of this post for you.

Today, I was lucky enough to share my cookbook and some of my story with two wonderfully gracious and welcoming hosts! It’s kind of funny to me that the two stops I have been super nervous about (for the past couple of weeks!) were the two I have truly enjoyed the most so far!

The first stop today was at Go Bake Yourself, a site run by a blogger who is probably about as opposite from me as you can get! She’s very young, doesn’t have kids, and shares some decadent-looking recipes that normally would be reserved as a rare treat in my hoBlackberry cobbler with logome (or possibly avoided altogether lol!). When I first realized I’d be guest posting on her site and had my first look at it, I was literally frozen! I thought, “How can I go onto this site and talk about healthy recipes?! Her readers obviously want sinfully indulgent, and I’m all about guilt-free (yet scrumptious!).”  However, I was pleasantly surprised today when I went over to view my post and realized how open and welcoming she and her readers were! You can read the post AND get one of my very favorite recipes from the cookbook (this post is the ONLY place other than the cookbook where you can get this recipe!) HERE!

My next stop was a LIVE chat with The Literary Diva over on BlogTalkRadio. I’m not even exaggerating when I tell you I have been a mess of nervous energy for the past three weeks just thinking about this! I’m a writer! Speaking in front of people is not my strong suit – at ALL – it’s actually a huge fear of mine! So this was definitely a challenge for me, and I am so very thankful to Sahara for making me feel so comfortable and putting me at ease with her insightful questions and enthusiasm about my book. After all those days of worrying over it, I was again pleasantly surprised to find myself thoroughly enjoying the experience!

I would absolutely love for you to have a listen if you missed it live today. The link is posted below. Also, if you get a chance, take a listen to some of her other interviews – she has some amazing bloggers sharing their tips and insights on her show as well and I’ve enjoyed listening myself!

New Books Podcasts with Literary Diva on BlogTalkRadio

Also, don’t forget to jump over to Facebook and ENTER to WIN some great prizes, including Amazon Gift Cards and your very own autographed copy of my cookbook! CLICK HERE to ENTER! There is one more stop on the blog tour, which will be posted on the Facebook page tomorrow morning! AND there are THREE more days after today to get your entries in, so keep entering & GOOD LUCK! 🙂

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I’d love to hear from you!  Please comment below which day of the blog tour you enjoyed most and why!?

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