From Disorganized Mess to Clutter-Free and Clear-Minded

Happy New Year! It’s hard for me to believe this first month of the New Year is more than half over already!  This month has been super busy for me as I work on building the foundation for reaching my goals this year.  I’m really excited about all of the great things in the works, and this looks to be a groundbreaking year for me and my family.  But before sharing details about my plans, I feel like I need to share this very important information with you. 

Anyone who knows me, who’s been to my house or seen me power-walking with my son to get him to school on time on frantic mornings, knows that I suffer from a horrible case of ‘disorganizeditis’… or whatever you want to call it when a person spends more time digging through the clean laundry basket for a pair of socks than it would take to just stop and fold everything in the basket and be done with it!  Things like this have been driving me crazy about myself for quite some time, probably the majority of my mothering life.  Of course, I’ve been like this for longer than that, but I didn’t really start to see it or care about it until I became a mother.  Anyway, things like this were happening to the point where I finally said “enough!” (I really did say it out loud).  I decided I’ve been wasting lots of time and energy on things that make me feel frustrated and inefficient (how hard is it to just fold the stinking basket of laundry when it’s done in the dryer, right?!).  It’s quite self defeating, and this is not how I want to live my life.  I have things I have to get done – want to get done with every fiber of my being – and there is NO way I’m going to let a basket of laundry (or anything else) get in the way of that!   

Anyway, so there it is – I confess.  I’m organizationally challenged.  Am I going to use it as an excuse for not accomplishing my goals?  Never!  I was recently introduced to an amazing and truly life-changing tool for not only getting organized, but also really digging deep and setting out my true priorities in life and the way I need to build my goals around them…  Putting my family first; fulfilling my committment and passion to publish The Family Table Cookbook; living a life of health, wellness, and contentment; and sharing my knowledge with others…  Now, obviously, laundry has not been my only obstacle, but just the simple process of making a cleaning/housework schedule and sticking to it has turned me around from feeling like an overwhelmed mess a lot of the time to feeling super efficient and accomplished.  Less clutter in my home makes my mind feel less cluttered too, which frees me up for more productive and positive thoughts than ‘why am I wasting so much time digging through this *$#)%* laundry basket again!?’  Getting organized is one thing – staying that way is another thing altogether.  Luckily, my fresh start with a chores chart, clean desk, and schedule for doing a little bit each day began during the 2nd week of the program, and I’m completing the final 2 weeks with support to keep me on track with what I’ve started.   

My newly cleaned & organized desk (complete with dry-erase calendar, weekly schedule, pictures of my kiddos, aromatherapy candle, and motivational quote for the day)

I would love to hear from you.  Please comment or e-mail me at and share with me what are your goals for the coming year?  When the end of 2013 rolls around – and it always comes faster than we anticipate – what would you be most proud and happy to say you achieved this year?  It could be something as life-changing as landing your dream job, reaching your ideal healthy weight, or finishing school and getting your degree.  It could be something as simple, yet just as gratifying, as finally cleaning out your junk closet, finishing a project you’ve put off, or trying something you’ve been thinking about for a long time but never actually done.  (One thing I’d love to try is growing my own herbs.  I’ve been wanting to do this since before I met my husband, and yet I’ve just ‘never gotten around to it’ – Does this sound familiar?)   

Whatever it is that would make you feel contentment, achievement, or just a sense of well-being – you can accomplish anything with a positive attitude and a plan.  

I hope you are well, enjoying the beginning of what is going to be an incredible year!  Please take the time to take care of yourself this year, whatever that means for you, and take a serious look at this program if you’re feeling stuck in a rut, unchallenged, or motivated to make a change but need help finding a starting point.    

In health and happiness!

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