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Easy Thai Green Curry Paste

This simple, fragrant curry paste can be prepared in batches and frozen for convenience. Use it in a variety of rice or noodle dishes, including this Thai Green Curry Rice and Chicken Soup.  Green curry paste is an amazingly flavorful, healthy option to include in your diet. The herbs and spices here have medicinal properties […]

Spinach Basil Pesto

  Spinach is one of the stress-busting superfoods on my top 10 list inside my best-selling book, ‘Eat to Beat Stress‘!!!   Here are a few more benefits to including more of these leafy greens into our diets regularly.    supports thyroid health (high in iron) – learn more here         boosts […]

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Citrus Basil Salad Dressing

Citrus Basil Salad Dressing When I lived in Seattle quite a few years ago, I worked as a server at this amazing waterfront restaurant that served fresh-caught seafood and shellfish. It’s kind of funny how much food nostalgia I have for this place. I suppose because it was my first job at a high-end restaurant, my […]