I’m DONE Feeling Like Sh!t – 3 Simple Steps to Fall Asleep Easier & Enjoy Restful Sleep

3 Simple Steps to Fall Asleep Easier & Enjoy Restful Sleep


“I’m done feeling like shit! Like DONE done! 


I know I need to be on a schedule in general – but rigid rules trigger my rebellious nature! 
I know I should get around 7-9 hours of sleep each night and would probably benefit from a set bedtime – but I’m resisting. 


Please help! I need some tips to fall asleep easier and STAY asleep long enough to feel rested! ”


I recently received this message from a fellow online businesswoman. It so simply outlines the struggle I hear from my clients and see in the female entrepreneur space. 


Most of us already know that not getting good quality sleep can make us more irritable and less productive. 
Did you also know that lack of good sleep can also cause an increase in…

~ stress hormones that increase appetite & cravings

~ susceptibility to illness & disease

~ emotional instability 

~ hormonal imbalance

~ weight gain or difficulty losing weight

~ risk of depression and anxiety

~ brain fog & lack of focus and concentration


It’s a massive issue and one that I love to help women overcome, so I wanted to share my response with you too. 


Here’s my best advice to get the quality sleep you need and deserve:

1️⃣ create a short 2-3 step ritual to do 10-20 minutes before bedtime (this will queue your brain that it’s time for rest). 

Doing the same sequence of steps makes falling asleep much easier & repetition of this creates the habit faster!


2️⃣ make sure the steps are activities you enjoy (instead of feeling like a punishment or chore). 

When the steps feel good, you’ll be motivated to keep doing them, so it’s easier to stay consistent. 

In a short time, you’ll find yourself feeling so pampered by your nightly ritual, you’ll actually look forward to bedtime!


3️⃣ focus on maintaining the rituals FIRST, before worrying about the time. 

Once your ritual is established, easily stairstep to an earlier bedtime. 

Going to bed 10 minutes earlier each night for 6 nights = 1 hour earlier within a week. 


I’m all about flow of FLEXIBILITY combined with grounding, solid structure. 

Rigid rules backfire for people like us (as you probably already know!). 



Are you unsure where to start with your relaxation / bedtime rituals? Get simple ideas from my ‘5-Minute Energy Boosters’ cheat sheet! Yep, your sleep tips are located inside my energy-boost sheet. Why? 

Because maximizing your energy starts with RELAXATION and restorative rest! Grab your cheat sheet HERE. 

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