Are You Handing Over Control of Your Mental Energy to Your Monkey Mind?

Are You Handing Over Control of Your Mental Energy to Your Monkey Mind?
Fellow 💥control freaks💥 -I hear you!!!
I know it’s hard to hand things over and let others do the stuff we believe WE SHOULD BE DOING.
They’d probably just mess it up anyway.
And then we’d have even more to do!
So we end up burying ourselves under a mountain of tasks.
And even though we get frustrated sometimes – and feel exhausted most of the time –
There is an underlying pride.
We feel proud of ourselves for being so self sufficient!
We can do this all, no sweat!
I am all for empowered women who feel proud of your accomplishments …. seriously 💯
But here’s the thing.
There’s a point where we get so bogged down in the menial tasks and energy-wasting actions ….
it causes our brains to go on autopilot to conserve energy.
So in our overwhelmed, scrambled state- our brains take the EASY path
(I’m talking about neural pathways but it’s easy to picture as cruising down a smooth, well-traveled road VS hacking & stumbling through an overgrown jungle trail).
Obviously, the smooth road takes less effort & energy to maneuver – same with our brains.
So when 90% of our actions are based on our SUBCONSCIOUS brain activity …. and our brain naturally wants to take the smooth, easy route (bypassing conscious thought and just moving us through well-established habits) ….
Well, who is IN CONTROL then?!
Sorry to break it to you, but it’s NOT the YOU who is striving for growth & achievement & has big goals and even bigger vision for your life.
It’s the subconscious YOU. The YOU who….
🙈 feels too tired to get up early and workout or journal, so you feel more fluffy than you’d like AND you hit snooze so many times that you end up spending every morning in a frenzy
🙈 pushes so hard to do allllll the things all day that you forget to eat until 3 pm –
… and then scarf down any cookies or crackers you can find because your brain has kicked you into survival mode to deal with the blood sugar crash
🙈 spends more time snapping at your kids & partner out of frustration (and yes, also the ‘hangry effect’) and then hiding in the bathroom so they can’t see you sob through the guilt
🙈 drinks coffee all day but still feels so. freaking. tired. all. the. time.
🙈 pours a glass (or 3) of wine and kicks back to watch some TV or scroll social media at the end of a hard day just to have some quiet time to yourself and unwind so you can sleep
…. but still never feel relaxed. You push off going to bed because you know you’ll just toss & turn while your brain goes a mile-a-minute … so you either have trouble falling asleep, or you wake panicked in the night afraid you forget something important – or both
Do you see the irony here?
We refuse to delegate anything because we need to be in control & we’re afraid others will mess everything up
…. yet we’re letting our monkey minds rule our lives and it’s holding us back from our goals and our dreams!!!
Let alone destroying our wellbeing, limiting our potential for happiness, and jeopardizing our relationships with those we love most!
Today, I want to share a simple exercise to help you 🔥RECLAIM CONTROL from your monkey-mind🔥,
and reestablish your PFC (prefrontal cortex – the CEO of your Brain!) as the one who’s calling the shots around here!!!
It’s really as simple as these 3 questions:
What do I REALLY want?
Is my behavior today getting me what I want?
What actions would support me in getting what I want?
It’s simple, but it does require you to pause and really look at your desires & behavior and be honest with yourself.

I did this exercise earlier this year and it has had a profound effect on every area of my life – my business, personal goals, relationships, connection…
with just 3 simple steps: 


  1. I answered these questions and came up with 4 core answers for what I really want.  
  2. Then I listed 4-5 actions / behaviors that specifically support each. 
  3. I keep this in the front of my Morning Routine Binder and read it *almost* every day to keep it front of mind.
It helps to keep AWARE!!!
Seriously this makes such a huge difference!

I am sharing MY sheet so you can see an example of what it looks like completed:


I urge you to take some time to do this for yourself. It will seriously change your world.
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2 thoughts on “Are You Handing Over Control of Your Mental Energy to Your Monkey Mind?”

  1. Lenny Toth

    My dad told me if I stare in the mirror long enough I will see a monkey. I don’t think this is what he had in mind. We don’t realize how often we put life on auto pilot. I Love the question, is what I’m doing today going to give me the results I need for tomorrow. Too often people live for today, and do not prepare for tomorrow. Then when tomorrow arrives, they are frustrated things have not changed. And the cycle starts all over again. The change in life starts with our thoughts. Our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, our actions becomes our habits, our habits becomes our destiny. If we want to change our destiny we need to change our thoughts.

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