Ghoulish Ghost Popsicles

No trick here, these are ALL treat – without all the sugar, artificial colors, and other nasty stuff you know is lurking around every corner come the 31st!  I made these super delicious cool and creamy frozen dessert ghosts (hey, it’s still 80+ degrees here in the Florida Keys!) a couple of weeks ago, and my whole family loved them so much, we are going to make them again this weekend for a special family Halloween dessert night.  Part of the fun is that these are SO easy, the kids can actually make their own, so you get to do a Halloween craft together and then eat it!  


This recipe is the first in a series of 3 Halloween treat ideas I found online and altered to make them healthier.  Keep your eyes peeled for the next in my series of Healthy Halloween Treats coming up later this week.  Or, you could get a cute printable version of all 3 recipes delivered straight to your inbox by signing up here.
OK, that’s all for now.  Happy Haunting!!!

2 large bananas
1/2 c. nonfat plain Greek yogurt
2 tbsp. honey
8 mini chocolate chips
4 regular chocolate chips
4 popsicle sticks
Wax paper
Cookie sheet

1.  Cut bananas in half at center.  Insert popsicle stick into cut end of each banana half and remove peels.
2.  Combine yogurt and honey in a small bowl.  Holding bananas by popsicle stick, hold over bowl and spoon yogurt overtop, turning to coat.
3.  Line cookie sheet with wax paper.  Place prepared bananas on cookie sheet.
4.  Freeze 3-4 hours or until yogurt is set.
5.  Add small dollops of yogurt for eyes and mouth, then gently press 2 mini chocolate chips for eyes; regular chips for mouth.  6.  Freeze 20-30 minutes longer, then serve.

8 MONTHS TO 2 YEARS  Substitute plain whole milk yogurt.  Omit chocolate chips if concern for choking (8-15 months).  Carefully supervise small children while eating.

Will your kids eat frozen desserts even if it’s snowing (mine would!)?  Tell us where you are and if the temperature outside stops your family from eating these yummy treats!


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