Eat to Beat Stress: How to Use Food to Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate

10 Stress-Busting Superfoods with Recipes & Serving Ideas

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With this short e-book, you will learn how to: 

Use 10 easy-to-find superfoods to prevent major stress symptoms, including:

  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • weakened immunity
  • fuzzy thought process (or what I call “mommy oatmeal brain”)
  • moodiness
  • lack of concentration
  • anxiety
  • restlessness

Break the harmful cycle of stress-related eating and reverse its negative effects on your body

Include these stress-busting foods in your family’s daily diet, with simple recipes plus tips & variations for all ages

Benefit from a list of resources for bonus stress-relieving tips & techniques

My photo avatar 180Hi! I’m Leah Borski, a health & wellness coach specializing in mommy fitness and family nutrition.  I strongly believe that healthy families start with us being healthy parents, and my passion is helping families learn simple recipes and strategies to make proper nourishment enticing for all ages.

I’m the author of “The Family Table Cookbook: Whole Grain Pancake & Baking Mix | 30+ Recipes, ONE Easy Mix.”  I’m also a certified PiYo instructor, teach kids’ healthy cooking classes in my local community, and coach online fitness & nutrition groups.  I’m working to join forces with charities focused on nutrition education and fundraising efforts to end childhood hunger and malnutrition in the U.S.

What Readers are Saying about ‘Eat to Beat Stress’

“It seems many of the ‘eating healthy’ books out there are pushy and overwhelming, but not this one. I enjoyed that it was a helpful guideline on how to take a new approach to changing your lifestyle… I would recommend this book to anyone who not only wants to ‘Eat to Beat Stress’ but anyone looking for a good stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle.”
~ Audra C. (Amazon 5-star review)

“Eating real food seems so simple, but in today’s food climate it’s actually really challenging! With ‘Eat to Beat Stress,’ Borski provides no-nonsense, well-researched information to help stay on track with fresh, healthy foods for the whole family.  As a science writer, I appreciate her ability to incorporate what the research says into practical advice for her readers.  A great resource!”
~ Stephani S. (Amazon 4-star review)

“This book was especially helpful for me as I tend to get stuck in the stress, unhealthy comfort foods, low energy, stress cycle. I was especially excited to see the foods that Leah highlights I could easily include in my comfort foods list.  With these small adjustments to my diet, I find myself a lot less stressed and enjoying my food! … I highly recommend this book to anyone ready to enjoy their food more – because it is tasty and healthier than other comfort foods – while gaining peace and more energy.” ~ Naomi D. (Amazon 5-star review)

“As a fitness instructor, I am always looking for healthy foods to make.  This book is great, because it not only provides some delicious, healthy recipes but it also provides tips for fighting stress.  It was nice to read about why these foods help with stress and then to see different recipes to incorporate them into my daily meals.”
~ Amy F. (Amazon 5-star review)