Easter Bunny Cake ~ Guilt-Free!


I want to share this quick and easy Easter Bunny Cake tutorial (and guilt-free recipe) in an effort to help you make your family’s holiday a bit healthier and a whole lot more fun!

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As I’m currently nursing my husband during his post-operative recovery while simultaneously trying to make this a FUN holiday for my own kiddos – I’m going to make this post short and SWEET! But trust me, if I can do this with the help of my kids while also caring for my poor bed-ridden husband, so can you! It is super simple!

First, bake this AMAZING Honey Carrot Cake (low-fat, sweetened only with honey and fruit, and made with wholesome whole grains). This recipe, along with dozens of other healthy whole-grain baked treats and pancakes are included in my cookbook. “>Get the e-book version here so you can make it right away!

Using round cake pans (instead of the rectangle pan called for in the recipe) will require SHORTER BAKING TIME! Bake about 16-20 minutes only! Follow the rest of the recipe as-is!

In addition to cake and frosting, you will need the following to complete this bunny cake:
~One small carrot (whiskers)
~1/4 c. shredded coconut + red food coloring (ears)
~raisins and/or chocolate chips (eyes, mouth, nose)
~food coloring of choice to make the colored frosting for bowtie polka dots

Once your cakes are finished baking, let them cool in the pans for about 5-10 minutes. Then invert them onto cooling racks to cool completely.

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While our cakes were cooling, we kept busy by dyeing our Easter eggs!  When the cakes were completely cooled (after about 20-30 minutes), I transferred one cake to a cutting board to cut the bunny face shapes.

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Next, I cut the shapes. I inserted a toothpick into the center of the cake, then measured (eyeballed) out about 1 inch to either side. Using a sharp steak knife, I cut a long football-shaped oval from each side. These will be the ears. The middle portion becomes the bunny’s bowtie (see finished product below if you’re having trouble visualizing this).

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From here, I transferred the intact round cake and all of the ‘shaped’ pieces onto a travel cake container (you could also cover the back of a cookie sheet with foil and arrange it there).

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Now that we have the face, ears, and bowtie in place, next step is to frost! My Honey-Vanilla Cream Cheese frosting recipe is included with the Honey Carrot Cake recipe (if you didn’t already, “>get the cookbook here. I love this frosting because it is SO MUCH LOWER in sugar than traditional cream cheese frosting recipes – probably less than 1/4 the sugar! However, it tastes amazing! It is the absolute perfect vanilla cream-cheese frosting!

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If you want to have the polka-dot bowtie like ours, set aside a bit of the frosting – about 2 tbsp. for each color. Mix a few drops of food coloring gel into each small bowl of frosting to create the colored frosting.

When frosting the cake, be careful to avoid getting crumbs mixed in as you go, or your bunny will have lots of freckles (unless you don’t mind – I think freckles are cute!). I used just a plain old butter knife to smooth the frosting over, just covering the top surface – not the sides.

Next, it’s time to decorate! This was my kids’ favorite part!  We started by putting about 1/4 c. shredded coconut into a plastic container (with lid) and adding 2 small drops of red food coloring. Place the lid on tightly and shake until the coconut is pink! We used this for bunny’s inner ears.

Eyes are made of raisins; nose and mouth are chocolate chips. I just used what we had, but you could get really creative here! To make bunny’s whiskers, I peeled a small carrot, and then using the vegetable peeler, peeled off long, thin pieces of carrot.

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The final touch was the colored frosting used to make polka dots on bunny’s bowtie! I have to apologize for the not-so-great final picture! We decorated first thing this morning, and I had to get a picture before we devoured this delicious treat for breakfast! Unfortunately, the morning light here is not ideal for photos… so again, I do apologize. I PROMISE it looks so much cuter in real-life!

Happy Easter! Enjoy!


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