The REAL Reason You Don’t Have Time for Self Care


The REAL Reason You Don’t Have Time for Self Care

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In my practice, I talk all about self-care. You’ll constantly hear me say “self-care isn’t selfish” or “take care of YOU” – what I want to talk about today is what self-care means to YOU.

What I find a lot in talking with women is that hearing the term ‘self-care’ often translates as ‘selfish’ – they see it as meaning we have to take time from our busy schedules to indulge ourselves, and if we do this then we are being irresponsible and neglecting our kids, partners, and others who are depending on us.

When these thoughts or feelings come up for us, we need to remember two things:

1. What we give of ourselves to others should be an overflow of what we’ve already given to ourselves. You cannot pour from an empty cup. 

2. We are WORTHY of being cared for. This one gets forgotten a lot! It’s not a matter of whether we’ve earned it or feel like we deserve it – we are worth taking care of just because we are here. I published a piece about this on Thrive Global. Read that here! 

This is such an important piece – I can give you all the nutrition tips, healthy lifestyle habits, tools to feel good every day and EXACTLY how to fit it into your hectic schedule … but if you are stuck on these two things – feeling like it’s selfish, or feeling like you’re not worthy of being taken care of – none of it is going to help because you’re not going to USE the tools & information!

It’s so important, this is actually the topic of the first day of my ‘Energy Uplevel’ online course.
So I’m going to share with you an exercise I have all of the workshop participants do on the first day.


Take a few quiet moments and sit with a pen & paper and write down what comes to mind when you hear the term ‘self-care’ …

Some think of strict or rigid dietary limitations or difficult expectations around exercise.

Some feel overwhelm, thinking it means they need to completely overhaul their pantry, household, or habits.

Others feel dread over the thought of messing up, knowing they’ll beat themselves up when they do or give up – so what’s the point of starting?

These are examples of how others have felt – and maybe you relate… or maybe something else comes up for you.


This step is SO important – nothing else I share with you will matter if you don’t believe YOU ARE WORTH putting time and effort into.

Do this today! Let’s let go of some of those old blocks that have held us back from feeling good for so long!

I am committed to opening up conversation & support around this – I think the biggest thing that keeps women stuck is we tend to feel all alone, like nobody else will understand. And what I’ve found is that’s usually so far from the truth! No matter what you’re struggling with, you are not alone! It’s time to connect with women who have been (or still are) in your shoes so you can feel understood and supported.


The upgraded ‘7 Days’ workshop is now ‘Energy Uplevel’ and it’s coming SOON! Get on the waitlist now to grab your spot when doors open!



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