Munchies and Fine Motor Skills – Snackie Bracelets!

This was the second snack from my May ‘Kids in the Kitchen’ healthy snack class – a fun and healthy take on the ‘candy bracelet.’ We made ‘snackie bracelets’ instead! (If you missed the post with the May class 1st snack, click here.)  I got the elastic cording from the local crafts store (we ended up with fancy gold because the white was sold out!). As I was preparing the ingredients to take to class and explained to my 4-year-old daughter what we would be using them for, she said, “I want to make one of these to wear when we are trick-or-treating so I can eat it. Can we do that?!” I think she had a brilliant idea! I’d love for my kiddos to have something to munch on while we’re out walking around, without digging into that bag of candy.  Let’s see if I can remember that 5 months from now! Haha!

For now, these are super simple, and my daughter has been asking me almost every day to make more! It’s a really fun, easy craft/snack for us to do together.

*Elastic cord
*Wood or metal kabob skewer
*Whole grain circle cereals (make sure the ingredients do not include HFCS, artificial colors, or artificial flavors) -we used Cascadian Farm honey nut O’s and Cascadian Farm Fruitful O’s-
*Various dried fruits -we used apricots, pitted dates, and cherries-

Poke a hole through each piece of fruit. I cut the apricots into quarters and then poked a hole through each triangle-shaped piece. I poked a hole through each individual cherry. For dates, slice into rings.  Older kids might be OK to help with this, as long as they are supervised. I feel it’s important to mention here it is VERY easy to poke that skewer right through the fruit and into your finger if not careful. So be aware of that yourself, and make sure to show kids how to do this safely!

Cut an approximately 4-5” piece of elastic cord for each child

Arrange dried fruits and cereal on individual plates for each child, or in large bowls they can all grab from

Tie one end of the cord around a cereal loop

Allow kids to design bracelets as desired. When they are done, tie off the ends and let them snack!


Do you have more healthy food ideas to use with this crafty snack? Please share with us in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you!


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