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{VIDEO} Can We Let Go of Busyness as a Virtue – and Still Be Successful?

Sometimes it seems ‘being busy’ is to be worn as a badge of honor… especially for women. Even more so for working women and moms. So what about when we do both? Working moms are doing it all and busier than ever before. Can we get some relief and still be successful? I’m sharing my […]

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Taking Inspired ACTION

Taking Inspired ACTION Did you choose a ‘word’ for this year, or set any intentions for what you want this year to look and FEEL like? I set an intention. I wrote it down.  I put it out in the open where I can SEE it every day.  It breathes life into me…. and I […]

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You Can’t Do a Good Job… if your job is all you do

  Whether your ‘job’ is -> homemaking -> child raising -> location independent working -> homeschooling -> business running -> corporate / professional employment -> higher education achieving … balancing one, all, or any combination of the above against the additional everyday responsibilities of LIFE! Trying to keep all these plates spinning without letting any […]