Brooding Bat Snacks

This spooky healthy Halloween recipe for Brooding Bat Snacks is a ‘DIY’ kind of snack.  It’s very ‘hands-on’ and the kids will get messy hands! They will also have a lot of fun with it and it’s really easy, so try not to cringe TOO much and keep napkins at the ready! 🙂 

My daughter likes to make hers, pick it up by the wings, and have it fly up to her mouth so she can take a bite!  My son and I are less playful with our food, and just use the wings as dippers!  Either way, these are super fun and yummy!

Note: I’ve listed the ingredients per child, then added a shopping list at the end so you know how much stuff to buy for a yield of 8 servings (2 bats per serving/child).  

Ingredients (per serving)
2 oz reduced-fat cream cheese (1/4 block)
Pinch fresh torn basil
1/8 tsp. garlic, minced or pressed
2 tbsp. diced tomatoes or peppers
2 pretzel sticks, broken in half
4 olive slices
6 chips to crush
4 chips as wings (2 for each bat)

Set Up
1)      Place 6 chips in a sealable sandwich bag and seal shut

2)      Measure cream cheese into individual bowls, 2 oz. per bowl, and top with measured amount of garlic

3)      For each child, set out an empty plate, a spoon, and a napkin topped with a basil leaf, pretzel sticks, olive slices, and 4 chips (for wings)

4)      Set out the bowl of diced red peppers with a measuring spoon

Bat snacks framed

1)      Have the kids use the sides of their fists to smash the chips in the sandwich bag into crumbs.  Pour chip crumbs onto plate and set aside.

2)      Have each child measure 2 tbsp. diced peppers into their bowl of cream cheese.
3)      Each child can tear the basil leaf into small pieces and add this to cream cheese, then stir the cream cheese mixture until well combined.

4)      Split cream cheese mixture in half and roll each half into a ball (2 total)

5)      Roll each cream cheese ball in chip crumbs to coat.

6)      Insert pretzel stick halves into front of each ball (these will hold on the eyes), leaving a small portion sticking out in the front.  Place 1 olive slice on each pretzel stick piece.

7)      Insert a chip ‘wing’ on each side of each bat.

Shopping List (for 8 servings)
1 bag blue corn tortilla chips*
1 bag thin pretzel sticks
1 small can sliced olives
16 oz. low-fat cream cheese (2 blocks)
1 small fresh basil plant or package
1-1/2 tsp. minced garlic (or 1 clove, pressed)
1 red bell pepper

*We used Garden of Eatin’ Organic chips – really delicious and no icky ingredients. These are actually made with organic blue corn plus lentils and quinoa. I’ll never say chips are healthy, and I recommend using them as a small portion of a healthier snack as we’ve done with this recipe, but these chips are about the best I’ve seen in comparison to others out there!


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