Brazil Butt Lift – Is it for Me?

I started Beachbody’s Brazil Butt Lift program in August 2012 and lost 12 lbs. during my first 30 days!  This was my first ever Beachbody program and my first time ever doing a fitness/nutrition support group of any kind.  To this day, I’ve not gained those 12 lbs. back, and I have gone on to lose even more weight and my body is more defined (without being bulky!).  I’m a 40-year-old mom of 2, and my body looks better now than it did in high school! I can’t tell you how much I regret not taking swimsuit pictures for my before/afters with this program, but I was just so dang ashamed of how my body looked, I could not bring myself to have documentation of it on that level.

Before and afters FIRST from BBL











Some things that surprised me about this program, and you might be wondering about:

Does it ONLY target your butt?: NO! While it does mostly target the butt/thighs/hips area (my biggest trouble area), I also got rid of a noticeable amount of muffin-top area and belly flab!

Is it hard?: I did this program after a very spotty and relatively short exercise history and about a 6-month break from any form of exercise. The workouts were challenging enough that I felt my muscles during and after (lots of times I felt muscles I didn’t even know I had!), but totally DOABLE! There is a good mix of cardio and strength training, so neither feels overwhelming, and there’s a good amount of floor work, which tends to be my favorite. 🙂 It’s a perfect program for beginners, and also excellent if you’re at intermediate-to-advanced level of fitness and need something extra to target the butt/hips/thighs area.

Is the meal plan like a diet that will be hard to stick to?: NO! This was actually one of my favorite parts about the program. The meal plan is not a diet at all! I never felt deprived, and it includes ALL food groups – including dairy and carbs! The reason it works is that it tells you EXACTLY how much you SHOULD be eating and teaches you how to eat smaller meals and space them out to optimize your metabolism and keep you from feeling hungry, even while eating a controlled amount of calories (it was not an excessively low number, I was doing about 1500 calories per day).

Will I need to buy any extra equipment?: MAYBE. The program comes with an ankle band (for resistance/strength training). You will also need a pair of ankle weights and a set of lighter hand weights (5 or 8 lbs.), so if you don’t already have these, you will need to get them. Also, with any workout program, a mat is nice to have, especially if you have hardwood or tile floors, to protect your joints. Brazil Butt Lift IS a low-impact workout, however.

What if I’m not very coordinated? Will I be able to do this workout?: YES! Let me tell you, I am the QUEEN of uncoordinated haha! If you are coordination-challenged like me, no worries! Of the 6 workouts that come with this program, only 1 was a bit too fast-paced for me to be able to keep up with. That was Cardio Axe – a Brazilian dance-inspired cardio routine. Did I mention I’m severely uncoordinated?! If you like dance or fast-footwork activities, you will LOVE this workout! If not, that’s OK – I was too impatient with myself to stick with it and learn the steps, so I always just replaced that workout with 40 minutes on my elliptical.  You could do this too, or do a run or speed-walk for at least 40 minutes on those days.

What if I get it and find out I just don’t like it? Am I out the money I invested?!: NO! Beachbody offers a 60-day money-back-guarantee on this program, no questions asked! Amazing opportunity to try something that is guaranteed to work for you if you use it, and guaranteed money back if you don’t!

I have a hard time motivating myself to workout – won’t it be even harder with a home workout?!:  This is where doing Beachbody programs gets REALLY GOOD! You don’t just buy the program and then you’re left on your own to *hopefully* do it, when you feel like it….IF you feel like it.  When you get your program through me, your fitness & nutrition coach, you have the support of someone who has been through the program and is here for you every step of the way, from start to finish.  I will help you with any questions you have as you go along.  I also offer free coaching groups to my clients: small, private online groups of ladies who are also committed to completing their programs and sharing a positive experience of motivation and support. Studies show that people who are involved in a support group or have an exercise buddy are at least 2x more likely to stick with their program!
I did this program with the support of a Beachbody coach and a small group of women who struggled like I did, persisted like I did, and triumphed right along with me. Having that support and a program that was the whole package – easy to follow workout program I could do at home, a simple meal plan, and the all-natural nutritional supplementation of Shakeology – made it so easy for me to FINALLY get a routine down, and get my BEST RESULTS EVER!

Are YOU ready to start? Do you have more questions I didn’t answer here? Please contact me ASAP via Facebook, email, or comment below!

This program is available at a discounted price for the Month of April, and I’m currently taking applications for my next challenge group, starting April 28th! I’ll be doing the program WITH YOU! Let’s DO THIS! We’ll be feeling confident and healthy and better than ever BY SUMMER! Space is limited, so grab your spot ASAP!

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and then email me at so we can talk about your goals and get you set up in the group! I can’t wait to talk with you!

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