Bouncing Back from Burnout

This was me at 40. {{three years ago}}

I had reached my goal of ‘being in the best shape of my life by my 40th birthday’
I felt the BEST I EVER HAD physically. I felt amazing! BUT…


Mentally & emotionally, I still had a lot of growth that needed to happen.
Because when big life changes came & I felt completely overwhelmed…

It knocked me on my ass & I had a really hard time getting back up.
I fell into old habits that were not very self-loving.

I allowed self-doubt to consume me, and I stopped making MY SELF-CARE a priority.
My lack of ‘perfection’ was crippling. I hit a wall of burnout.


I’ve had to learn some valuable lessons (the hard way)

• there is more to wellness than *only* good nutrition and exercise

• the value of listening to, and honoring, my body’s abilities (and limits)

• the importance of allowing my body & ambitions to rest when needed

• to always ALWAYS focus on PROGRESS, not perfection

• the BEST thing I can do for my health & happiness is to just SHOW UP FOR MYSELF – every. single. day.


No matter what I look like.

No matter what I feel like.

No matter if I am able to ‘do it all’ or just do the bare minimum

It’s now about more than how I look & feel physically.

It’s about knowing deep in my heart that I am WORTH THE EFFORT to take care of myself in every way, every day … for my health and happiness!

It’s about always viewing my progress as a JOURNEY, not a destination.

It’s about taking the stress & overwhelm out of the process and truly focusing on self CARE


Burnout is reaching epidemic proportions for purposeful women. It’s my mission to support women to banish burnout and conquer hustle culture! We absolutely cannot fulfill our purpose when we are running on fumes and feeling neglected all. the. time. 

I’d love to invite you to join my FREE Membership/resource site, Nurtured for Success
Inside, you’ll find simple tips & tools for energy-boosting, stress relief, and more.  


4 thoughts on “Bouncing Back from Burnout”

  1. Helena Freeman

    OMG! This post really speaks to me because I’ve been feeling like I’m not taking care of myself like I should. I let my 7 year old consume my time and I have no time for myself. Great article!!

    1. leahborski

      Thank you Helena! Yes, we really have to ‘take’ the time… nobody is going to give it to us lol! I have a cheat sheet of 5-Minute ‘ME time’ breaks that will help you get started with simple, QUICK self-care actions. You can get that here: 🙂

  2. Self care is so important and I know for myself as soon as I became a mom it all went out the window. It has taken me 2 years to finally do something for myself ( start my own blog ) and I can’t believe how much better I feel and how my mood has improved. We’re always putting everyone else before us but we need to put us first in order to give everyone else our best!! Good for you!!

    1. leahborski

      Thank you Krista! The funny thing for me is, I didn’t really start ‘self care’ until after I became a mom! I had really unhealthy habits before that… and was motivated by motherhood to make a change. But it took me awhile to give up on that feeling of guilt for making ME a priority and understand that it wouldn’t take away from everyone else… like you said, it’s necessary in order to be able to give them my best!

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