Boost Productivity – A Counterintuitive Approach

Boost Productivity – A Counterintuitive Approach

Just halfway into my 7-year profession in the medical field, I suffered repetitive stress injury to the tendons in my thumbs. Multiple doctors told me this affliction was rare for someone so young (mid 30s at the time) and for being so relatively early in my career.

The truth is, I was getting up at 4:30 every morning and working a solid 3-4 hours straight typing, with zero breaks. I was paid for production, not hourly, so the more I could produce the better my paychecks. Yet we also had corporate quotas so there was a minimum of daily work required.


At the time, I was also full-time mom to my son who was born shortly after I started this work.
My goal every morning was to complete at least half of my quota before my baby woke up – so the rest of the day could be mostly devoted to caring for him and taking care of the house.
The rest of my daily work hours were split between his nap time and, as he got older, setting him up with quiet activities he could do alongside me at my desk.

I did this every day for 4 years- until one day my hands SCREAMED at me to stop.

For the rest of my career, I worked in progressively less pain while learning every possible source of relief I could find.
💥 I learned to be strategic in my workspace setup.

💥 I upgraded to ergonomic keyboard & mouse

💥 I optimized the angles of my elbows, knees & neck during work to avoid excess strain
(surprise! Strain in any part of the upper body will eventually make its way into the wrists & hands as well).

💥 and I learned a few super simple stretches I could do with just a couple of 5-min-or-less breaks. 

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What I found through this process was that my PRODUCTIVITY actually INCREASED with taking these relief breaks ….
and all that time I’d been afraid to pause for fear of falling behind!

It’s not just productivity that’s improved, but it’s a nice bonus!

Making time to MOVE YOUR BODY out of a hunched or static position also
💜 boosts mood
💜 reboots energy
💜 calms nervous system
💜 relieves stress & anxiety
💜 invigorates the mind & body

I challenge you today to step away from your keyboard and enjoy a nice calming/invigorating stretch!

Here’s three of my favorite yoga poses for relieving low back strain and neck/shoulder tension:

1. Child’s pose.
This pose helps to put the mind at ease while also gently opening up the back, hips, and shoulders. It’s a wonderfully self-nurturing pose that can tangibly transform your day with just a couple of minutes’ investment. 


2. Standing forward fold.
This pose relieves tension in the neck, shoulders, and low back while also providing a nice stretch to cramped up hamstrings &  invigorating blood-flow to the head and brain.  It’s especially helpful for alleviating feelings of stress and anxiety.


3. Gentle Bridge
Perfect for stretching out those tight, tense muscles in the base of the skull, base of neck, and upper shoulders / between shoulder blades. If clasping hands behind your hips puts too much pressure on your neck, just rest your arms and hands at your sides.  

I’d love to know how often do you take mini-breaks during work hours??? Please COMMENT below! 

For more simple QUICK midday break ideas, get my
FREE CHEAT SHEET: ‘5-Minute Energy Boosters’ 

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