Join My Team!


Hi! I’m Leah – an Emerald Coach in the Bombshell Dynasty – the #1 team in all of Beachbody, founded by 2013 Top Coach Lindsay Matway. 

My coaching team is NOT just any team…We’re a FAMILY – 
We train together
We meet regularly and have FUN together
We support each other, uplift and motivate each other, and we grow from each others strengths!

Up until just a few years ago, I was not even a regular ‘workout person’ – I was overweight, with 25 lbs. to lose and NO idea how to do it. Since then, I’ve lost that weight (and kept it off), learned that my body is capable of SO MUCH MORE than I ever thought possible, gained CONFIDENCE and feel a sense of PRIDE and ACCOMPLISHMENT for completing programs and growing in ways I never imagined.  I have stepped FAR outside my comfort zone to grow as a Beachbody coach & leader and become a Certified PiYo Instructor and entrepreneur!  I’m not a ‘fitness expert,’ but the Beachbody programs and products have helped me CHANGE MY LIFE and given me the opportunity to HELP OTHERS do the same!! 

I FINALLY found exercise I ENJOY! For someone who never worked out AT ALL until after age 30 and then spent several years suffering through exercise I really didn’t like – this is HUGE! And once I found exercise I liked, I found there was SO MUCH MORE TO LIKE about exercise! There are SO MANY benefits, so much more than just looking great and getting rid of excess pounds. This is why I am SO PASSIONATE about sharing these programs & tools with others! HOW COULD I NOT?!?! I help people…I CHANGE LIVES…like mine…like YOURS…We are THE PHOENIX DYNASTY …TOGETHER WE RISE!

Together we are UNSTOPPABLE!! Join our team…Join our FAMILY! We are over 200-strong and are DRIVEN to reach the TOP – TOGETHER!

What is a Beachbody Coach?  

You succeed at being a Beachbody Coach by putting the needs of others first.  By reaching out to people and offering your support and guidance.  

I enroll my customers into my challenge groups.  That is the place where I have day to day contact with them & I can support, motivate, and encourage them to start and FINISH a fitness program.  I provide them with tips and recipes plus all sorts of different strategies to get into shape and live a healthy lifestyle.  We work to overcome struggles with things like emotional connections to food, traveling, family nutrition & meal planning, healthy snacks, self care & overall wellness, time management, life balance, and just plain motivation.  Everything that we need to be successful is right here.

To succeed as a coach, you follow the structure of inviting people to a challenge group, enrolling them into the group, helping them succeed, and then eventually challenge group participants become coaches as well!  As your leadership and coaching skills grow, so will your team, and you will then MENTOR YOUR COACHES to become successful WITH YOU!

You succeed by leading by example, inspiring others to get into shape, and by being motivated, driven and passionate about what you do!  Of course, you don’t have to know all the answers at first.  You just have to be motivated to get started!!! Being a coach is a GROWTH PROCESS. The more you GROW and LEARN, and the more you can SHARE and DEMONSTRATE that for others, the more successful you will be!

You get paid weekly commissions when people buy Beachbody products and Team Beachbody Club memberships through your personal website. You can also earn cash bonuses based on your team’s sales. You DO NOT receive bonuses or compensation solely for adding coaches to your team. The only way to earn money by growing your team is by HELPING YOUR TEAM SUCCEED. Which means mentoring your coaches to help more people get healthy & fit!

It only costs $39.99 to start your Beachbody business*. That includes your first month’s Business Services Fees and your Coach Business Kit, which comes with everything you need to begin earning income.  Or you can choose to purchase a Challenge Pack, in which you get a fitness program of your choice, 30-day supply of Shakeology, free shipping, and a 30-day trial of the club membership and the coach fee is waived!  Now this is a great deal!!

*MILITARY – Active Duty AND Spouses:
It is FREE to start your Beachbody business! The one-time sign-up fee and monthly business fee are WAIVED. Let me know upon application to join my team, and I will supply you with a simple form to submit for your military discount!

No, you don’t need to be a fitness or weight-loss expert to become a Beachbody Coach. You just need to be ready to commit to changing your life and inspiring others to do the same by SHARING your experience, struggles, and SUCCESS.  It is important to be a product of the product!

Once you become a coach on my team, you will be added to our closed Facebook team page.  There you will receive updates, information, tips and tools to help you grow your business.  This is your place to check in each day and get answers to your questions & connect with a group of positive, like-minded people!
You also will be given the option to be a part of my Coach Apprenticeship Program. This is a 60-day group that teaches you everything you need to know about how to find people to invite, how to get them started, what program to choose for them, and how to run a successful challenge group.  You will be given all the tools that helped me to be successful so that you do not have to re-invent the wheel.  You will be given my 90-day challenge group structure, 5-Day Clean Eating Group information, along with other valuable business building tools.  
You will not have to figure it out on your own.  By joining MY TEAM you are LINKING ARMS with a SOLID SUPPORT SYSTEM! You do not run your first challenge group by yourself.  Instead you are an apprentice coach in your first group.  I run the challenge but you get to invite 3-5 customers into the group! This is an opportunity for you to EARN WHILE YOU LEARN and GROW into the coach & leader you are MEANT TO BE! 
I am currently accepting applications for individuals who want to grow a successful Beachbody Business!
Please email me at … I will set up a time to chat and discuss the options for my Apprenticeship program, and make sure a partnership would be a great fit for BOTH OF US!