Beachbody Coaching

What it IS:

  • A simple (not always EASY) way to earn income by helping others in their healthy lifestyle/fitness/weight loss journeys
  • The ability to work from home on your own terms – you make your schedule, choose your clients, guide & inspire others by being YOU
  • An opportunity to get paid for taking care of your own health and sharing that with others
  • Freedom from 9-5, office gossip, sporadic schedules, traffic, monotony, mediocrity, time-off limitations, feeling stuck in a job you can’t stand!
  • Discounts on health and fitness products to help you live better
  • Ability to earn free or discounted travel/vacations as a bonus reward for helping others be healthier
  • A realistic way to get out from under accumulated debt
  • Partnership with an entire team of like-minded, inspiring, positive coaches who want to help YOU succeed in your business
  • Joining forces with a BBB (Better Business Bureau) A+ rated, multi-million dollar company with founders who truly CARE about our team of coaches

What it IS NOT

  • A get-rich-quick or ‘pyramid scheme’
  • Your regular, average, boring, dead-end job
  • A ‘business opportunity’ that requires expensive start-up kits, handling/shipping/delivering inventory, recruiting for dollars, or sales quotas
  • One of those icky MLMs where you are dropped like a hot potato and left on your own the minute your ‘upline’ advances or gains high income through recruitment bonuses

If you’re tired of the rat race, having little-to-no time with your family during the week, being stuck in a menial job that’s going nowhere, being worried that your position could be cut at any time, having to stay at your desk for the designated 8 hours per day even though you know you could get all your work done in less time if you could escape all the office drama and distractions that make it impossible, struggling to get approval for time off when you need it or vacation time when you want it…. I could go on and on. I’ve been in jobs that made me feel this way for most of my life! (For 24 years to be exact).

I’ve been a Beachbody coach for just over a year  {UPDATE} 5 YEARS, and the difference in my attitude, outlook, income, leadership, personal growth, and dreams + opportunities for my family’s future have completely changed for the better during this time. If this sounds like it might be what you’re looking for or you’d like to talk and learn more about whether Beachbody coaching or joining my team could be the right fit for you, please email me at and let’s talk!