Back-to-School 30-Day Healthy Eating CHALLENGE

One of the BIGGEST complaints I hear from moms is that they don’t have TIME or ENERGY for themselves – they forget to eat even while they are feeding a house full of people… they are too exhausted to plan or don’t have time to cook a healthy meal when they just spent hours cleaning, running errands, chasing kids, working, commuting/chauffeuring, etc. And they think that losing weight requires making 2 separate meals so their family doesn’t feel like THEY are the ones on a ‘diet’… this challenge is NOT A DIET – but if you follow the guidelines, you WILL lose weight. This program is meant to teach you a healthier way of eating that can be maintained for your whole family for years to come! A bonus is that you WILL lose weight doing this program because you will learn to eat correctly and use Shakeology to get YOUR health on track and improve your energy – get YOURSELF on the right path first and everything else will follow.

I know it goes against everything we FEEL in our guts as moms to do this, but we NEED to take care of ourselves FIRST…and everything else falls into place and becomes EASIER! I promise! When we nourish our own bodies, three things happen:
1) we are rewarded with more energy, better mood, mental clarity
2) the rewards from #1 make it easier to do all that’s necessary to BEST CARE for our families and do all that’s required of us in a day!
3) being an example of healthful eating is the absolute best way to get our kids to eat better – and when they eat better, they also enjoy the rewards from #1 and our lives are easier!

Healthy eating challenge - back to schoolWouldn’t you have more energy if you actually ate REAL FOOD and REAL MEALS instead of all-day-long grazing from your kids’ plates or a bag of snack food? Wouldn’t you like to get rid of those extra few pounds FOR GOOD, in the healthiest way possible and learn how to MAINTAIN your goal weight even after this ‘challenge’ is over? And wouldn’t it SAVE YOU PRECIOUS TIME to have all of the tools & instructions you need ALL IN ONE PLACE instead of scouring Pinterest for hours looking for decent dinner ideas, weight loss tips, etc.
If you answered YES to any of these questions, THIS GROUP IS FOR YOU!

Here’s what’s included: 
*Shopping Guide
*Meal Plan
*Healthy Family Recipes (+ bonus recipes from my cookbook!)
*Easy Breakfast, Snack & Lunchbox Ideas
*Support and Feedback in a Private Facebook Group
*Personalized Coaching with Me
*BONUS Fitness & Weight Loss Tips and Simple Home Exercises to GET YOU STARTED (exercise optional for this group – main focus is nutrition!)
*30-DAY supply Shakeology (100% natural nutritional supplement that can be used as a meal replacement OR snack to get you on track)
*FREE copy of my e-book “Eat to Beat Stress: 10 Superfoods to Prevent Major Symptoms of Stress”
*Eligibility to WIN a COMPLETE HOME FITNESS PROGRAM valued at $80!

Let’s focus on YOU for 30 days, teach you some tricks for quick healthy family meals, and get you on your way to a healthier & happier life for you AND your family!

ONLY 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE! Please contact me ASAP via Facebook message or

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