Age of Introduction| 
4-5 months

Yield|  4 small-to-medium avocados =
2 c. puree (16 cubes)

Storage|  Freeze up to 3 months

Prep Time|  5-8 minutes

Choose|  Ripe avocados are dark forest green in color and yield slightly to a gentle squeeze with your fingers.  Avoid those with shriveled, black shells or those with very soft/mushy spots.  Hard avocados will ripen in 1-3 days if you place them in a brown paper bag on your countertop.

Prep|  Scrub avocados with veggie wash and rinse well.  Use a sharp knife to cut the avocado in half, from end to end, around the pit.  Twist halves in opposite directions and pull apart.  Lightly chop your knife into the pit, twist, and remove pit from avocado.  Scoop avocado into a bowl.  Mash with fork or potato masher until smooth.  Stir in a little lemon juice (1/2 tsp.) to help keep puree from browning.  If you are using puree for recipes only, this consistency is fine; for baby food, process in food processor and/or press through a mesh strainer to work out any lumps or fibers/strings.  Add water, formula, or breast milk for a thinner consistency for younger babies or those just starting solid foods (4-6 months). 

Storage| See ‘Batch Freezing‘ page for storage instructions.

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Serve|  The sequence of baby ages is listed in the chart below to show the appropriate stages of introduction for foods that pair well with avocado puree.  

All of the suggestions for 9 months and older are also appropriate for older children and adults.

4-5 months Plain or mix with rice cereal
6-7 months Mix with pureed black beans
8 months Mix with cooked brown rice and/or black bean puree
Mix with plain whole milk yogurt
9 months Mix with cooked brown rice and/or whole black beans
10 months Mix with lean ground beef or ground turkey/cooked brown rice/shredded cheddar
Spread or dip for whole grain crackers
12 months  Use as dip for cheese quesadillas
Topper for scrambled eggs
18 months Use as dip for thin strips of sweet bell pepper
Mix with corn, cooked brown rice and meat (ground beef/ground turkey/diced chicken) or whole beans (pinto/kidney/black)
Spread on cheese sandwich made with whole grain bread
2-3 years Dollop on top of chili, burritos/soft tacos, fajitas
Use in place of mayo on a turkey sandwich on whole wheat (or your favorite sandwich)



Main Nutrients|

Vitamin K – Dietary Fiber – Monounsaturated Fats – Folate – Potassium – Vitamin E – Lutein – Magnesium – Vitamin C – Vitamin B6


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