Are You Stuck On the Fast Track to Burnout?

Are You Stuck On the Fast Track to Burnout?

Three years ago, I was in that place and I didn’t even know it.

My family had just moved from the tranquil, slow-paced lifestyle of Key West, FL to the hustle and bustle of New York City due to my husband’s military career. Within weeks, I started homeschooling my two kids for the first time. Our family was finally living all in the same house consistently for the first time in 5 years.

It was a lot of drastic change and culture shock all at once.

I don’t share my experience as a means to compare.
We all have our own unique situations that will become the straw that breaks our backs.

I’ve found in my research and in my coaching practice since then, that many women can’t even pinpoint any specific trigger or transition point. For many, it sneaks up over a period of months or years of stress. This is usually combined with super high (read: unrealistic) expectations of ourselves.


You know how it is. As success-minded, driven achievers – we take on allll the things and think we should be able to do it with no struggle at all.
Like most ambitious women, I felt just a ‘normal’ amount of stress and overwhelm. It’s just what life is ‘supposed’ to feel like, right?!

I looked around and felt that everyone else was doing it all without breaking a sweat – why couldn’t I?


Comparing myself to others was my first mistake. It sent me into a spiral of self-judgment, where I wasted precious energy worrying over what is wrong with me that I can’t manage as well as everyone around me.

As business women, we know how vital it is to be super efficient and energized in order to be productive. If we don’t do this, there is no way we can be profitable! So putting our energy into this negative self-talk can be devastating, not only for our mental/emotional wellness but also our bank accounts!


Looking back, I can see that another mistake I made is also very common. KNOWING the things we’re supposed to do to take good care of ourselves and maintain our energy. Yet, when major life events come up or we hit a wall of burnout, self-care is usually the very first thing to go!


Here’s the thing.
Even when life happens ESPECIALLY when life happens –
self-care is THE MOST important practice to maintain!


If we neglect ourselves by failing to fuel our bodies and brains with nourishing foods and nurturing activities…


How productive will we be?

How efficient with our precious time?

How can we ENJOY our precious time?

How can we be profitable if we’re too exhausted or brain-fogged to take action in our business?


How can we give to our children, partner, clients, friends, family… when we are trying to pour from an empty cup?


In my experience, allowing my self-care to fall to last on my list led to burnout… which led to my relationships suffering and my business nearly dying. I reached a point where I had nothing to give to my clients, and certainly was in no shape to bring in more. This led to zero profitability for several months.


The GOOD NEWS is that this is totally avoidable when we have the right habits in place and when we are COMMITTED to maintaining them.
Self-care has to be #1 and a non-negotiable.

How can we do that when life already feels so overwhelming?

  • We make it as SIMPLE and EFFORTLESS as possible. 
  • We get SUPPORT to stay consistent, even when life circumstances try to get in the way.

One KEY method I use and teach my clients is using POWERFUL NUTRITION as a means to
beat stress, boost energy, and feel good all day long.


What if I told you I can teach you an amazing method for doing exactly this?! I‘ve become an expert at making healthy eating SIMPLE, DELICIOUS, and FUN!


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