About Leah

I am so happy you’re here, because we’re a lot alike, you and me!




My journey as a location independent working mom started while I was pregnant with my first child.

For 7 years I worked from home as a medical transcriptionist, meeting stringent production quotas and accuracy demands. During this time, I learned lots of valuable skills and lessons: 

>How to cut through the hype to find CREDIBLE medical & health information.

 >How ‘taking care of me’ could equal rich QUALITY time with my children for decades to come + avoid the most common deadly diseases (because they’re also the most preventable!)

 and possibly my favorite….
>My potential for freaking out on my husband – like the time he came home from work, found me still unshowered & wearing spitup-stained PJs, and thought I’d had a ‘nice, relaxing day’… Ha!  (Poor sweet man. He learned from this too – he never made that comment again!)


Obviously, I struggled a LOT to balance work & taking care of babies, our home, and myself. I flustered and fumbled. And it made me feel really out-of-control and over my head.

I cried a lot in frustration, wondering “why would I ever think I could possibly do ALL of this?!”


All I ever wanted was to be home with my kids and enjoy motherhood. Even though my situation felt way harder than I had expected going into it, I’m not one to give up. Working from home is the only answer for me. So I figured out how to make it all feel more doable. Period. 

I did finally leave medical transcription though, to pursue what I had become really passionate about – learning and teaching how to make family nutrition EASIER.

I discovered that good nutrition is KEY to living a long, vibrant, happy life. And I found that simplifying the process is vital to fit it in and create better work/life balance.


And I also learned {the hard way} that, while good nutrition IS essential, it is just one piece of the puzzle… when I hit a wall of BURNOUT. 

To truly be my best, happiest, most energetic, patient self – capable of doing all I aspire to do, and doing it (imperfectly) WELL….

I need a complete plan for SELF CARE. I need to take care of ME. In a variety of ways.

And even though I really rather do things ‘all on my own’ – I finally accepted that I needed a support system to actually help me pull myself out of the pit I felt I was in.

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Over the past 5+ years, I’ve talked with HUNDREDS of women who feel just like I did – like stressed-out failures because our to-do lists go unchecked… or “everyone else makes this look so easy – why is it so hard for ME?!” …Can you relate too?! 


About page passion

I’m driven by my mission to create a more positive experience in the lives of myself and my children – and to help you do the same.

My purpose is to help my fellow ambitious women friends gain energy and clarity.
To become more playful, happy, and engaged moms – wives – individuals. More resilient and empowered purpose-driven women.

Because I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY BELIEVE IN the positively transformative ripple effect every woman can have on her family and THE WORLD when she feels confident, nurtured, focused, invigorated, and in-control.


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Thank you so much for being here and including me in your hectic day. I look forward to connecting with you!