3 Surprising Productivity Benefits of a Consistent Nighttime Routine

You’ve heard it all before. Better sleep is touted as the holy grail to lowering blood pressure, improving memory, managing weight and even maintaining younger looking skin! The problem is, you’re too ambitious to be concerned with all of that. Those perks are not motivating enough for you to stop cutting into your sleep time as you press yourself to get more work done.  

You may already be familiar with the productivity benefits of adequate sleep that actually matter to you: reduced stress, better mood, and sharper cognitive function are things you actually care about. You may even be aware that high achievers like Tim FerrissArianna Huffington and Oprah are known to go against the “hustle at any cost” mindset and advocate for sleep as a way to boost productivity. 

Yet none of this awareness has helped you shift your habits. In fact, you’re bewildered to find yourself digging in your heels like a teenager rebelling against bedtime.     

This may be because there is one factor that has eluded you thus far. It isn’t talked about much, but it’s likely one of the reasons you became an entrepreneur to begin with: 

You crave control over the quality of your life...

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