3 Key Elements for Achieving Your Dream Body – FAST!

Can you relate?! I can, and seeing this made me literally laugh out loud! Honestly, the first 10 or so times I started working out (yes, I started and quit A LOT before I found something I could stick with!) I would reach about the 2-week mark, see no change, lose zero weight, feel nothing but tired and discouraged and like I just wasted a whole lot of time for nothing… and quit.

Then a few months – or years – later, I’d get a wild hair and try again, just for the inevitable to happen. I hated it. It was hard, it wasn’t fun, and nothing was happening anyway, so… yep, you guessed it – I’d QUIT. Just before the point where the good stuff starts to happen.

But I didn’t know that you had to be consistent for about 3 WEEKS, and do more than walk or workout harder more than a couple times a week, to see results. The first few times, I didn’t know WHAT to eat… later, after I had my son and I learned about nutrition and how to make healthy foods that taste good, I didn’t realize that it’s possible to have TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING! I was eating all the RIGHT foods, but in way more quantity than my body needed….which resulted in no weight loss.

Fast-forward to almost 3 years ago. I weighed 153 lbs. I literally felt just gross in my body. I hated to get dressed, I was having anxiety about being seen in public (or even by my husband), I felt uncomfortable, puffy, drained, and depressed. I decided to sign up for this thing I’d never heard of before –  my first Beachbody Challenge group. I was desperate to get rid of the weight and had NO IDEA how to do it. With the group, I had my workouts with a schedule to follow. I had a meal plan that told me exactly WHAT and HOW MUCH to eat. I had a ‘finish line’ in my sights – 30 days of following my plan, and if it didn’t work, well I’d get my money back. Knowing there was a TIME FRAME in which I was GUARANTEED to get results or nothing would be lost but my time… well I’d lost the time, plus quite a bit of money in the past trying things that did NOT work for me.

This time, doing my first Beachbody challenge with a coach and a group of ladies online (so I didn’t have to worry about doing it on someone else’s schedule, but I still got that vital element – SUPPORT) I stuck it out.  I kept the thought in the forefront of my mind that “it’s just 30 days – you can do this for 30 days”… and I LOST 12 LBS and 9-1/2 INCHES in those 30 DAYS.

Fast forward to now. I’ve moved on to complete workout programs I would have never DREAMED OF doing before. I never had the confidence in myself or my physical ability then, like I do now. Since those 30-day results with Brazil Butt Lift, I’ve taken on (and graduated!) 10-Minute Trainer, P90X, P90X3, the 3-Day Refresh, and PiYo!

I’ve become a Beachbody coach and Certified PiYo Instructor, to help you when you feel just as stuck and lost as I did. You’re not alone, and together we can get you out of that miserable & frustrated place you’re in right now.  


I will be coaching a new 30-Day online support group SOON, and I would love to have you join me! THIS IS your time. This is your time to BLOOM into….

~feeling confident, proud, and successful
~understanding it’s NOT SELFISH to take care of YOU – it’s NECESSARY
~having a support system who understands and won’t let you beat yourself up anymore…we will fall down, and we will LIFT EACH OTHER UP
~learning simple healthy habits that will get rid of the extra weight & keep it off, with no deprivation or extreme diet fads

YOU DESERVE to feel good, inside and out. That’s what this group is for. It’s your time!


I know, there are lots of coaches to choose from… but with me you get the ADDED BENEFIT of having a published healthy cookbook author and family nutrition specialist who will help you with family-friendly recipes that will FIT IN YOUR PLAN and YOUR KIDS WILL LIKE! You’re not on a diet… and your family won’t be either.

I will provide a PRESEASON PREP GROUP focused on label reading, simple tips for clean eating and easy swaps you can make starting right now to make your favorite meals healthier.  You will get EVERYTHING YOU NEED to be prepared and ready to hit the ground running when your program package arrives and we start the main group in just a couple of weeks! 

So, your 3 Key Elements for Success are….

Simple Fitness + Simple Eating + Support!!!!  If this sounds like the solution you are looking for, APPLY HERE ASAP! Spots WILL fill quickly, and they are limited in order for me to give the best possible attention to each member in my group.

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