Deep down, you feel the nudge.

That inner whisper that craves the possibility to create your positive ripple in the world without sacrificing your health, happiness, and connection. 

You sense an urgency to step fully into your purpose and also feel more tuned in with your self, your family, your power, your passion, and your drive to make this world a better place for all.

In your heart of hearts, you know…

the way you see everyone else creating ‘success’ is not the right way FOR YOU. 

You are a leader, a changemaker.

You pride yourself on taking charge and forging your own path. You have no problem following your truth in your professional life, no matter how far ‘off’ from the status quo.

But when it comes to the stuff that matters most….
you still struggle to step away from the ‘norm.’ 

Leading others feels so much simpler than taking the leap toward change for yourself.

You get stuck in the fear.

Especially when it comes to the idea of shifting patterns that have been your comfort and security for decades.

You know, those simple pleasures you’ve been relying on… food, alcohol, busyness, retail therapy, mindless activities….

Anything to ease your discomfort or feel any sort of quick relief. 

Your ambitious nature has kept you too busy to notice for so long, now you’re stuck in high gear. 

You can’t imagine sustaining this frenzied pace for another day!

Yet, the thought of slowing down enough to relieve some of the pressure, to really address all that stuff you’ve been so busy avoiding…

Honestly? It sparks a sort of paralyzing panic.
So you remain stuck in a cycle of perpetual stress, fatigue, discontent. 

It is time to step out of that chaos, and into your power.

Fight back against hustle culture.
Stop wearing exhaustion like a badge of honor.

Support and nurture YOU, so you can experience more:

>>> patience & presence with your loved ones

>>> focused & productive energy in your work

>>> grace & acceptance of yourself

>>> fulfillment as you create YOUR version of success

… all from simple lifestyle shifts that finally make YOU a priority too in your own life. 

Take action right now.
Commit to 5 minutes for YOU today.


Leah Borski | Certified NeuroHealth Coach | Alcohol-Alternative Stress Relief Consultant | Helping ‘type a’ women reclaim control of your energy + habits, so you can stop self-neglecting, relieve stress & avoid burnout.